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Zabuza: The Demon of the Hidden Mist

I like to analyze characters, whether in anime or movies; mostly anime/manga, though. Last night, while watching the very first few episodes of Naruto, I noticed something about Zabuza. So here I am sharing my thoughts about him.

Kakashi introduces Zabuza as the Hidden Mist’s demon who killed 100+ students during the final ninja exam. Kakashi also mentions that Zabuza wasn’t even given any consideration to be a ninja.


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Naruto 639: WTF Sasuke…?

I knew Sasuke had issues, but wow. This scene just makes me feel a bit twisted up inside cos I have no clue why Sasuke’s image of Team 7’s picture cut Naruto in half. Is it because he and Naruto will be competing to be Hokage? Only Naruto’s picture was cut, though. Sakura and Kakashi’s faces weren’t, so… I wonder… Does Sasuke like Sakura, then? Does he respect Kakashi and have a heart for him, too? Instead of splitting the picture in half, he just split Naruto. I’m sorta nervous to see what happens next with these two. Sasuke seems to get darker and darker in personality and mood as the war goes on. Also, where the hell did Madara come from? I thought he was gone after Obito deflected him! Then again, he’s under Edo Tensei, so it looks like Minato will hopefully save Sasuke and Naruto from the Juubi Jinchuuriki’s grasp and Hiroshima and Madara will be fighting soon. This is starting to get intense, almost makes me want to bite my nails like a corn on a cob… and I don’t even bite my nails! I’m not sure what Kisimoto has in store for Sasuke and Naruto… but it’s going to be good.

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Naruto’s Character Traits


Today, after an extremely busy week last week, I wanted to chill for a little bit today before work, so I was watching the episode where Jiraiya teaches Naruto about the three shinobi taboos. While watching it, I thought Naruto’s fat frog wallet was adorable, and it fits Naruto’s personality well since he resembles Jiraiya in many ways. Now that Naruto can do the frog summoning like Jiraiya, the wallet is almost like a clue/hint/foreshadow for Naruto’s frog summoning later.

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