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The Last Naruto Movie Trailer

100-Day Challenge – Post #46

The Last Naruto Movie Trailer!

Oh my goodness, I’ve never been so excited before for a movie… the Last Naruto movie trailer looks amazing!!! Let me bullet point all the main things that are happening in the trailer:

  1. Kakashi is the 6th Hokage. And he still has the mask on…
  2. Naruto wants to tell HInata something! There’s a flashback to a time when they were kids… Oh my. Does this confirm NaruHIna?!
  3. Naruto looks SO different… Is it just his hairstyle?
  4. The Otsutsuki clan is behind the destruction of the world?! Apparently, the new villain guy is Toneri Otsutsuki, and the clan has been waiting 1,000 years for this moment. How strange.
  5. Sasuke said something about protecting someone… Is he a member of the village now after the war? Hmm…

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