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Tag: Kaido’s Appearance

One Piece: Kaido’s Reveal!

I’m totally late to the party, but I’m so ready to talk about one of the Yonko in One Piece! First off, I wasn’t expecting Kaido to be revealed so soon. And so epically. But, hey, we’re talking about Oda here, and he has surprised me and many other OP fans countless times. Let me reiterate what Oda said about Kaido here:

“The man was looking for a place to die… And, if I were to tell you about him, he is a pirate that has tasted defeat 7 times and has been captured by the navy and his enemies over 18 times! A man that has lived through countless torture and was a fugitive on the run… Now, he attempts to take his own life… in a way that is still rather rare in his own world… suicide by jumping from Sorajima…

And, now… Let me tell you once more: A man that has been captured all sorts 18 times and survived 10,000 kinds of torture. Having the death sentence handed to him 40 times. But every time he was to be hung, the rope snapped on him. And, even as he is put under the guillotine, the blade mysteriously breaks into pieces… Spears break when he is stabbed, and he has sunk at least 9 gigantic prison ships the whole time he was there. 

What I’m trying to say is… Nobody… could kill this man!!! And he himself… find it amusing that to the point that suicide is a hobby! 

The man’s name is…


People always said, if you wanted to pick a fight, do it with Kaido… Because among all the living, be it land, sea or air… He’s said to be the strongest pirate alive!!”

Hello, world, please meet Kaido, the man who will destroy you if you wear your feather cape in an unacceptable manner:

What I’ll be discussing in this post:

  2. Kaido’s Declaration of War (And Sayonara Kid Alliance…! Still Love Ya, Just Don’t Tell Kaido Cos I Kinda Love Him, Too)
  3. Little. Pirate. Games. 
  4. His Connection to Wano Kuni – No, It’s Not Because He Loves Sake. He Loves Oden… (Too Soon?) 

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One Piece 795: Suicide

One Piece 795 Chapter Review!

Discuss One Piece Chapter 795 at Oro Jackson! Come say hi to me, Nekomori 🙂

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been a while. Things happened here and there, but today is a special day. Why? Because, if you read the chapter today, then I don’t need to give you a why. I’m making time today to write a review on possibly the best chapter this year so far. Sorry, Gear Fourth chapter.

So much has happened so far. Doffy’s been defeated, the Kid alliance is going after Shanks (well, about that… dunno if it’s happening after this chapter!), things are getting heated between the marines and Gorosei (shoutout to Akainu, you birthday candle lighter), and so much more.

But… I gotta say, this chapter took the fucking cake and pie! First, we finally get to see the Sunny Team! I’m so, so relieved they’re doing okay. They’re actually doing more than okay since there was some comedy scenes in there, even though they were in a bind. So, I’m pretty sure they just landed on an island that belongs to Kaido, since we see a sheep dude wearing Kaido’s Jolly Rogerl:


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