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Kabuto Had A Heart?


I never noticed before; Kabuto always worked for Orochimaru, one of the main antagonists in the Naruto series, so it’s kinda hard to see that there’s a possibility, before Orochimaru, that Kabuto was a genuine person. While watching Naruto Episode 51, I noticed that, whether Kisimoto intended to or not, that Kabuto said something interesting to Sasuke before attempting to kill him (I think). He said: “Being too excellent isn’t as good as it seems. We stood out too much. Perhaps it was unfortunate that Orochimaru-sama cast his eyes on us both.” Then, Kabuto thinks this to himself: “He’s young, but he has a devil in his heart? He took advantage of that and, eventually, that ninjitsu will be used to… And he will become…” 

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Lost Dreams: Orochimaru & Tsunade

As I watched Naruto Episode 95-96, I noticed I wanted to write about the similar traits characters have in Naruto. When Tsunade hears Orochimaru say the same words as her about becoming the Hokage, Tsunade gives insight on Orochimaru’s character, I believe, since they uttered the exact same words. Sure, people can say the same things but mean differently; however, with the elusiveness around Orochimaru’s character, I believe that Kisimoto did this on purpose. I feel like Kisimoto is playing favoritism here with his characters! Tsk tsk! Just kidding! Anyway, I say that because he’s leaving Orochimaru’s weird and mysterious self and past and bringing more of Orochimaru’s vulnerable side, so to speak, into the series during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, which is way later into the series.

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Kabuto & More

**Contains Spoilers**

Although Kabuto isn’t one of my favorite characters, I thought about his personality and life today while listening to Naruto episodes. Yes, listening. It’s soothing to hear anime while I work 😛 Judge me!

Anyway, the episode I was listening to was when Yamato transforms into Sasori and meets Sasori’s spy, Kabuto, at the Bridge of Heaven and Earth. I started thinking about Kabuto’s character and his childhood. Continue reading Kabuto & More