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Life As A Jinchuuriki

What I find most interesting about the lives of a Jinchuuriki is how Kisimoto presents them. For instance, Killer Bee grew up always rapping, dancing, and being in high spirits. He knew what was happening around him. He knew that people were looking down on him, isolating him. But, he still held his head high, still rapped, and still lived happily. I think it’s due to the Raikage being there for Killer Bee since they became “the ultimate tag team”.

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Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 2

*** Felt like writing part two today since it’s been playing in my mind a lot, so here it is! ***

Darkness began to envelope the sky while stars were sprinkled across it, making the darkness seem more friendly and inviting. The cool breeze rustled the leaves as Samire, Saitou-sensei, Shiro, and Ryu skipped from tree branch to tree branch.

“Five hours of this… Are we getting closer to Konoha?” Shiro asked with an exhausted edge to his voice.

“Whaaat? You call yourself a shinobi when you can’t even sense Konoha about five minutes away from where we are?” Samire rhetorically asked Shiro with a teasing tone.

“You’re lucky I’m tired, Samire…” Shiro grumbled and glared at Samire. His golden eyes shined brightly even in the dark, reminding Samire of a wild, nocturnal animal hunting at night. Samire chuckled and continued looking ahead, waiting for Konoha’s entrance gate to appear before her. Continue reading Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 2

Kabuto & More

**Contains Spoilers**

Although Kabuto isn’t one of my favorite characters, I thought about his personality and life today while listening to Naruto episodes. Yes, listening. It’s soothing to hear anime while I work 😛 Judge me!

Anyway, the episode I was listening to was when Yamato transforms into Sasori and meets Sasori’s spy, Kabuto, at the Bridge of Heaven and Earth. I started thinking about Kabuto’s character and his childhood. Continue reading Kabuto & More

Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s Friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 1

**Here’s my first fanfic “chapter”! How I’m going to write it is using the scenes from Naruto itself and adding my character into it, so for Naruto readers and viewers, you’ll see some familiar scenes in my fanfic. Samire Mizu (“Violet Water”) is the main character of the story, just FYI. Ryu Hyuga is from the Hyuga clan and Shiro Kobayashi is another teammate. Saitou-sensei is the leader of Team 14. They all went traveling around the world for three years after Ryu, Samire, and Shiro graduated from the academy to find shinobi masters and find special skills, moves, etc., to help them develop their own styles. Stay tuned for more chapters!** Continue reading Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s Friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 1


Today, I want to speak about one of my favorite characters in Naruto: Gaara.

When Gaara was first introduced in the anime, I was intrigued by his character’s personality because I wanted to know why he was so… cold. I knew there was something more to him than meets the eye. When Kisimoto reveals Gaara’s past, it was such a contrast to how he was during the Chuunin exams. I cried so hard when I saw his past — it was just heart-breaking and, even though both Gaara and Naruto were Jinchuuriki, I believe Gaara went through more pain since he actually had family members, but, besides Yasahmaru, they left him alone and his father even tried to assassinate him many times. When seeing Gaara as a child, I just felt like I wanted to be his friend and be nice to him, unlike the villagers. Continue reading Gaara