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Extra: Howl’s Character Analysis

100-Day Challenge – Post #11

Ah, I watched Howl’s Moving Castle again today, and I thought more about Howl’s character. The more I watch this movie, the more I start to understand, so I wanted to share my thoughts on Howl. He’s an interesting character!

Howl2So, I was thinking about a few things about Howl. First, when he freaks out about his hair color changing to orange haha Although I do admit, despite his good looks, the orange hair looked kinda goofy on him. I thought it was hilarious, though, the way he reacted. He’s really, really into his looks, but I think it’s because he’s very insecure. It’s because of the bird-creature transformation he goes into when he fights in the war. I mean, it’s not attractive, so I think Howl always does his best to look clean-cut and handsome because of his insecurities with his other identity. Maybe, because of the bird-creature he turns into, he thinks he won’t be accepted or liked, so he’s like the typical Prince Charming with his blonde hair, wooing girls everywhere. But then again, his moving castle is very unsightly on the outside, so I wonder if that’s to push people away. He makes himself attractive, but he makes everything else in his life.. not. Interesting character, I said. 🙂

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