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One Piece 770: The Lance of Elbalf

One Piece 770 Review!

Eh… Been a while since I posted. I’m not doing the 100-day challenge anymore as I’m way, way behind. I’ve also been caught up in other goals in my life, so this has taken a seat on the back burner. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I’m still going to continue my reviews! 🙂

We have chapter 770 this week, finally! Last week’s break was grueling lol But I made it through, just like any other break week. Let’s get reviewing!

On the cover page: Jimbei finally got down to the seafloor and seems like he’s face-to-face with someone, the person or being who’s been stealing all the offerings. It looks like a person based on the silhouette, but I’m excited to see who it is!!!

Going on to the chapter: Bellamy using CoA on Luffy… Oh, yes. People are surprised by this, and there’s a lot of mixed opinions. I personally like that Bellamy has CoA and is using it in his fight against Luffy. I think it’s fitting since it’s his “last fight.” And Bellamy is going all out, and he’s using his Spring DF ability to give him a lot more power boost, so I think with that and his Haki, he can hit Luffy and make him cough up blood.

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