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Romance One Shot: Tsuki To Himawari

100-Day Challenge – Post #6

I was sorta stuck on what to write about today, but I just got done re-reading one of my favorite romance one shot manga stories, Tsuki to Himawari. Some may say that the art isn’t good, but I actually really like it. It’s simple and cute!

Girl-Guy-Manga-RomanceThe story is about two students who are the complete opposites of each other and end up dating for one month. The main male character, Asahi, is a good-looking guy who’s popular with the ladies. His mom passed away when he was younger, causing him to think that having people close to him and saying goodbye to them suddenly was too painful. Because of that, Asahi didn’t take anyone seriously and didn’t let anyone get too close to him. So, he was known as a player.

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