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Tag: Franky vs Senor Pink

One Piece 775: To Lucien/Lucy Anne, With Love

One Piece 775 Review!

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Franky vs. Senor Pink, people… FRANKY VS. SENOR PINK!!! Finally, this damn fight has happened and come to a conclusion. Of course, I knew Franky would win, but I didn’t expect Senor Pink’s past to come up. I really want to learn more about his character and see him more in the future. I don’t think we’re done with Senor Pink yet.

The chapter starts out with Leo, Mancherie, and Kabu-san leaving the palace. Mancherie’s adorable as usual, and Leo’s just as dense. Kabu-san is quite sharp, but I wonder if things will develop for Leo and Mancherie lol

Also… Mancherie’s powers seem to be very useful, similar to the Ope-Ope No Mi. It can restore things, apparently, and I’m not sure if Jora meant that Mancherie’s healing powers can restore people? Revive them? Well, from MangaPanda’s version, it’s pretty unclear, so I’ll wait for another translation to get out. But I’m thinking that Mancherie’s powers can do quite a lot, perhaps even more than Law’s abilities. No wonder Doffy wants the power for himself. Such a damn opportunist!

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One Piece 750: War

My review on One Piece 750!

Another late post, but hey, I’m catching up. There was a colored cover page for last week’s chapter, but eh, nothing special. Just shows all the people who are fighting with Luffy, and Luffy is really something! Usopp is really going to have thousands of followers one day lol 

Nothing really special happened in this chapter; it’s just Luffy and everyone going to Doflamingo, but I found it funny that they’re all competing against each other to bring Doflamingo down. We also see Kyros, so I’m glad he’s doing okay… sort of. He’s being chased by hooligans who want money lol But I think he’s going back to the palace? 

What I found interesting in this chapter, though, was King Riku. Like the king in Alabasta, he’s suspicious of pirates, thanks to bad ones, but Viola really believes in Luffy and the others, so I think King Riku will change his mind after everything has been dealt with in Dressrosa. Also, this chapter confirmed that Doflamingo has real super powers, thanks to the World Government, so no wonder Fujitora couldn’t go against him and went after other pirates instead. 

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One Piece Chapter 735: Fujitora’s Intentions

My chapter review of One Piece 735!


So, we find out quite a bit about this chapter, so I’ll outline it here:

  • Viola was the queen and she had a sister, who was Rebecca’s mother. Viola was also watching the gnomes and knew a lot more that was going on in the country. Wikka tells everyone that Viola was pretending to work for Doflamingo. I wanna call him Flamingo man… mwahaha
  • Viola knows a secret passage way/elevator lift in the palace, which is convenient for the members going to the palace to face Flamingo man. Continue reading One Piece Chapter 735: Fujitora’s Intentions