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Hana To Akuma Chapter 1 Part One: The Devil And His Flower


This is a review on Hana To Akuma by Oto Hisamu chapter one part one only. Part two of chapter one will be next! 

Hana to Akuma is about a great demon, Vivi (although spelled “Bibi” in the first few chapters of the manga) who’s bored of the Demon World and goes to Earth to live instead. He has a house full of demon servants, but one day, he picks up an abandoned baby girl in the front of his house when he comes back home from town. On a whim, Vivi decides to raise the girl and named her Hana after her smile, which is like a flower. After 14 years, he’s become quite attached to her, and so has everyone else in the mansion.  Continue reading Hana To Akuma Chapter 1 Part One: The Devil And His Flower

Black Butler Chapter 89

What… the… hell…

This chapter was SO INTENSE! I was looking at the scans like O_O the whole time while reading it. So, many more mysteries come up in this chapter… more questions, more WTF moments for me. Unfortunately, none of my questions from my Black Butler Chapter 88 Review blog post has been answered. Looks like it might be awhile before I can get them answered.

However, we do get a snippet the past of the “Green Witch.” According to the really witchy old hag that comes in and lectures Sullivan, apparently Sullivan’s ancestors were betrayed or hurt by outsiders. Since Sullivan claims she’s a witch, I think this might have to do with the past witch hunts that happened and Sullivan’s ancestors were the victims of those hunts. The torture items in the village can also be set up as a “reminder” of the past pains that Sullivan’s ancestors suffered, and it’s a memo to avoid outsiders and not let them in the village. Since the Green Witch from generations before Sullivan made a contract with the werewolves, it seems that that contract is eternal since the werewolves continue to “protect” or “imprison” the villagers, like Sebastian says. I think there’s much more to the story than just a simple contract. The werewolves and that old hag seem to be incredibly persistent in driving outsiders away from the forest. Also, somehow, the werewolves’ “curse” doesn’t seem to affect the “witches” in the village at all. So what can that mean?

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Black Butler Chapter 88

Black Butler Chapter 88 Review — things are getting juicy!

Starting off my first Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji post with a review of the most recent chapter: 88! Ah, it seems that this chapter and the previous chapter are the beginning of an interesting, temporarily mysterious arc. I say temporarily since Mr. Earl Phantomhive always uses his genius and demon butler to solve such mysteries for his dear Queen. Anywho, this chapter has a mix of comedy and questionable elements.


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