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Naruto 642: I don’t even have a unique title for this… It was too good!

Wow, I just caught up with Naruto Chapter 642, and there’s so much juicy information in this chapter that I just gotta write about it!

First up is the scene where the Second Hokage (can never remember his name… just his tiger-like face) mentions to Minato that his arm isn’t growing back, even in Edo Tensei mode. Then, Obito explains it’s that special jitsu that turns all ninjitsu into nothing.


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Itachi & Nagato – Rinnengan & Sharingan BFFs!

As I was working late into the evening, I had Naruto playing in the background again and thought of a post I wanted to write. I wanted to write about Nagato and Itachi. I’ve never seen them together in the same scenes, let alone battle partners during the Edo Tensei. I think that, with both their calm and pacifist personalities, they make great, great friends. I think that if they had lived another life, went down another path, they would have been dear friends and probably very famous in the shinobi world.

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Itachi Uchiha

***Contains Spoilers***

As I’m watching the episode when Kisami and Itachi go to Konoha (I’m always thinking about writing a post when I watch Naruto), I decided that I wanted to write about another favorite character of mine, Itachi Uchiha.

When Itachi was first introduced into the series and when I first watched Naruto, I thought Itachi was a very cold-hearted person. Killing his clan… Killing his own parents? I even thought that he left Sasuke alive because he really did mean that he didn’t think Sasuke was worth killing at all because Sasuke was so weak and just a child. At the time I thought this, though, I didn’t think about the other kids Itachi murdered because they were never shown. Continue reading Itachi Uchiha