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One Piece Chapter 739: Captain

My chapter review of One Piece 739!

Laboon Balloons :)
Laboon Balloons :)

Again, another creative and adorable cover page from One Piece this week! I love that Oda gives tribute to his fans this way. 🙂 Really awesome to do for a famous mangaka! 

So… this chapter wasn’t really that exciting. There was just a surprise at the end, which was the Toy Soldier/Rebecca’s dad being Kuros, that legendary gladiator. I didn’t see that coming! It looks like there’s much more depth into the story of Dressrosa, and it’s getting unraveled little by little with each chapter. It’s all a big Dressrosa puzzle! It’s also revealed that Sugar didn’t make a contract with Toy Soldier, so he’s free from her clutches. This really does seem like Toy Soldier is the best leader for the Tontatta dwarves, but what if he reaches Sugar’s clutches and she puts him on a contract with her? It’s going to be over for them, but of course, Luffy’s crew is helping them out!  Continue reading One Piece Chapter 739: Captain