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One Piece 745: Birdcage

My review on One Piece 745!


What a cool cover page this week! Everyone looks like they’re having fun, and it’s a great cover page for the warm weather lately. I’d love to be on the ship right now with the Straw Hat crew!

Okay, so, this chapter was like… Doomsday for everyone in Dressrosa. It was awesome that Usopp defeated Sugar, but it looks like Doflamingo is very, very pissed off. Obviously. And he’s alive and kickin’. Obviously x 2. His executives, Diamante and Trebol, are watching over the factory, and defeating all the people who turned back into humans in the area. It just, right now, doesn’t look good for anyone in Dressrosa. Even Luffy was punched by Doflamingo pretty damn hard. I’m not sure how anyone can defeat Doflamingo’s Birdcage move. It’s at such a large scale, and it’s controlling everyone in the country. The only way is to, I’m guessing, somehow cut the strings from the top of the dome or defeat Doflamingo. Birdcage looks badass, but incredibly dangerous lol Especially since Law was staring up in the sky in horror and shock.


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