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One Piece 746: Stars

My review on One Piece 746!

Lol Law eating raw fish...
Lol Law eating raw fish…

All right, so this chapter of One Piece was kinda like a filler; not a lot of action, but tons and tons of funny! LOL I’m still laughing from Usopp! I just gotta mention that now. It was hilarious that Usopp thought he was clean and off the hook, but it seems like Doflamingo gave him a very special bounty! 500,000,000 beri! Usopp is seriously going to be so big in the New World. Looks like Doflamingo has his eyes on Usopp. I also loved everyone’s reaction to Usopp’s bounty! The pirates and people who cheered for him in the last chapter are now after his ass for money, and they’re still calling him God Usopp! This was just too funny. It’s so Oda. Even Luffy thought it was hilarious haha Continue reading One Piece 746: Stars