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One Piece 767: Cora-san

100-Day Challenge – Post #57

One Piece 767 Review!

:'( :'( :'( CORA-SAAAAAANNNN!!!! :'( :'( :'(

My goodness. This freaking chapter! Oda! You did it again! We get a lot of questions answered in this chapter, and I love how Oda answers them all in straight-to-the-point manner. He uses so little to say so much. For instance, we find out about his past and saw him when he killed his dad. Roci was begging him to stop, and Trebol and Vergo were there! Vergo knew Doffy well it seemed. It looked like Trebol was the boss of something.. maybe a junkyard, similar to the Gray Terminal? I wonder how Trebol started working for Doffy, though. That’s quiteee a turnaround! I think Trebol is really old, too haha But omfg! DID YOU GUYS SEE VERGO?!?! He was adorable as a kid!!!

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