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Tag: Doffy Cuts Law’s Arm Off

One Piece 769: Bellamy the Pirate

100-Day/Post Challenge – Post #65

One Piece 769 Review!


Okay, okay. I’m going to get straight to it: DOFFY USED ITONOKO TO CHOP OFF LAW’S RIGHT ARM.

One-Piece-769-Laws-Arm-Gets-Cut-OffI saw the spoilers yesterday, and I really didn’t want to believe… but I had to since the pictures of the manga chapter came out last night, too, and the scan came out this morning. Oh goodness. This was SO unexpected, and I give props to Oda for surprising the hell out of us. As a Law fangirl, though, I really hope there’s a way for Law to reattach his arm or something. But my GOD, Doffy… you are a beast!!! A savage!!! And he’s a freaking amazing villain, okay. He just… cuts off Law’s arm… it’s insane.

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