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Tag: Do you think Akainu is a bad person?

One Piece Talk: Akainu Isn’t Evil!

Look at that smug face…

Main Points Discussed in This Post:

1. Why Akainu Isn’t to Blame for Ace’s Death

2. Why People Love Luffy and See Him as the Good Guy in One Piece

3. Why Akainu Really Isn’t the Bad Guy



The one who killed Ace.

The magma brat who seriously injured Whitebeard.

The Red Dog of the Marines.


You know, I used to think he was totally bad and evil and rawr, but really… Akainu isn’t. You can’t blame him for Ace’s death. Ace chose to die to protect his brother, and Akainu knew that, so he aimed for Luffy. Objectively speaking, yeah, messing with your opponent’s mind and emotions is one way to defeat them. So he used that as his tactic.

There’s no reason to blame Akainu for Ace’s death because he had zero feelings for Ace. For instance, would you protect someone who was a complete stranger to you? I wouldn’t because I’d rather use my life to protect someone I loved and cared for. I don’t blame Akainu for what he did. It was his job as an Admiral to go through with Ace’s execution. As we One Piece fans know, Akainu gets shit done. He doesn’t fuck around with emotions or anything; if he did, don’t think he would have done a lot of things during the Marineford Arc.

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