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Tag: Corn/Ren Kyoko Kiss Skip Beat Chapter 210

Skip Beat 210: Technicolor Paradise

My review on Skip Beat 210!


Is it just me or is anyone else getting bugged by how long this damn arc is taking?! I bet in manga time this whole scene hasn’t even lasted an hour, yet it’s taking months to finish up! Rawr! Geez. But, on a lighter, brighter note, I do like seeing Kyoko growing up a lot and realizing her mistakes in the past. She’s realizing why she loved Sho so much, and now, I know for sure that she’s going to end up with Ren/Corn. There’s no way she can go back to Sho knowing why she did what she did already. He was just a stepping stone to get her where she is now. If she never moved with Sho, she wouldn’t be in shobiz, so everything really did work out in her favor. 🙂


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