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Tag: Corazon Saves Law With Ope-Ope No Mi

One Piece 766: Smile

100-Day Challenge – Post #52

One Piece 766 Review!

** Due to a copyright thing, I can’t have images on this particular post. Boo.

Oh my goodness… We have the ending of Naruto today, which got me emotional. Then, we have One Piece 766, which got me emotional… Too many feels today. I don’t even want to work later! But I have to. However, One Piece comes first! I totally have my priorities straightened out, huh… Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

The title of this chapter got me thinking. I thought that something related to the man-made Devil Fruits that Doffy has been selling was going to come up, but it wasn’t. We’ll get to the ending of this chapter later and why the title is significant. I also had this thought that the title might be linked to Doffy and how he smiles all the time as a facade. But wow… this chapter got me so emotional, too. I really hate seeing Cora-san getting hurt. Speaking of the title, did you guys see the Naruto reference that Oda made? I love it. I love these mangakas! Oh yeah! Btw, I want Nami’s Konoha dress.

So, the chapter starts off with the marines. Tsuru, who we saw in the War of the Best, is waiting to ambush Doffy and his crew on Swallow Island. But she realizes something’s wrong, and Doffy’s crew isn’t coming, so she wonders where Sengoku got the information. The marines find out that Barrels’ lair has caught on fire, so… they disband the marines on the island, it seems, and, well… that ends up pretty badly for Law and Cora-san. Let’s get to that later. Corazon finally gets to Law with the Ope-Ope No Mi! He beat up all the people who were pointing guns at him, it seems, and he got away. Continue reading One Piece 766: Smile