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One Piece 764: White Monster

100-Day Challenge – Post #27

One Piece 764 Review!

Who loves Corazon? I love Corazon!

Wow. This chapter was freaking amazing. So. Good. Corazon is a true, genuinely kind person, and it makes me so sad that we already know that he’s going to die later. This chapter totally makes it easy to see how Corazon is going to die. Or at least we can predict the course of his death. I have a few predictions myself, but I’ll get to those later.

One-Piece-764-Corazon-NagiNagi-no-miSo, right away, we find out that Corazon has eaten the NagiNagi no Mi, which makes everything soundproof. It’s quite interesting, since he acts like a mute anyway, this devil fruit power is very useful. (I’m sure that’s how he could speak to the government in private…) Corazon trusts Law completely, and he reveals a lot about himself to Law. I guess he saw some of himself in Law, so he wanted to trust the boy. But Law wants to be seen as evil, a monster, so he threatens to tell Doflamingo. He doesn’t, though, because Corazon covered for him before. They’re even now. And I think that shows Law’s true character right there. I’m kind of surprised that Corazon didn’t freak out as much, but I guess if he did freak out a lot, he would be suspicious. I’m glad he didn’t blow his cover when Doflamingo called out to him. Continue reading One Piece 764: White Monster