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One Piece 748: Repaying My Debts

My review on One Piece 748!

Hmm, I dunno. This week’s chapter of One Piece and Naruto were just… vanilla? I mean, I love reading them, don’t get me wrong. I just think they were just eh this week. That’s okay, though, because Kishimoto and Oda were rocking it the past couple of weeks. So, this week’s chapter of One Piece was okay — nothing too exciting, but I also found it pretty cool that Luffy already has a bunch of people supporting him. I was thinking, “He’s seriously going to be a huge freaking awesome Pirate King one day.” I love Luffy, and he totally deserves that title! I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen after the Dressrosa Arc, assuming that everything goes well. It usually does in One Piece, but we’re talking about Doffy here, so I dunno! So, let’s get started with the review: I loved the chapter cover page yet again! It was good to see Heracles again, and the horse totally fits him. I love that Oda’s doing these cover pages from ideas from his fans! 


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