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Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s Friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 3

**In this chapter, I want to introduce more of Samire and her past, so I hope that any readers reading this part will enjoy learning about her character some in this chapter.***

Samire woke up the next morning due to the bright sunlight shining through her window and down at her face while she laid on the couch. Yawning with grogginess, Samire got up from the couch and rested her arms on her thighs. Samire glanced at the digital clock on her side table; it read 9:23 a.m. It was rather late for a wake up time for Samire, since she religiously woke up at 4 a.m. for her morning run and training.

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Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 2

*** Felt like writing part two today since it’s been playing in my mind a lot, so here it is! ***

Darkness began to envelope the sky while stars were sprinkled across it, making the darkness seem more friendly and inviting. The cool breeze rustled the leaves as Samire, Saitou-sensei, Shiro, and Ryu skipped from tree branch to tree branch.

“Five hours of this… Are we getting closer to Konoha?” Shiro asked with an exhausted edge to his voice.

“Whaaat? You call yourself a shinobi when you can’t even sense Konoha about five minutes away from where we are?” Samire rhetorically asked Shiro with a teasing tone.

“You’re lucky I’m tired, Samire…” Shiro grumbled and glared at Samire. His golden eyes shined brightly even in the dark, reminding Samire of a wild, nocturnal animal hunting at night. Samire chuckled and continued looking ahead, waiting for Konoha’s entrance gate to appear before her. Continue reading Naruto Fanfic: A Jinchuuriki’s friend, A Lost Memory Pt. 2

Neji + Analysis of Masashi Kisimoto’s Work

**Spoilers May Be In This Post**

I had a sudden whim to write about Neji from Naruto. He’s one of my favorite characters along with several others in Naruto, including Gaara, which I have written a blog about already here:

Watching Neji’s past self today in Naruto episodes made me want to write about him. Neji has this rather cold, stuck-up, and pessimistic personality due to the resentment he feels towards the Hyuuga clan’s hierarchy and, I believe, his father’s death really took a toll on him. To me, Neji’s cold personality was because he wanted to prove to the head family that, as a member of the branch family, he was a genius and the best ninja among the Hyuuga clan people. Due to this, however, I think Neji fell into a shinobi downfall: arrogance. Continue reading Neji + Analysis of Masashi Kisimoto’s Work