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Tag: Cavendish Cabbage vs Hakuba

One Piece 773: Half and Half

One Piece 773 Review!

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FINALLY! One Piece is back on schedule. 😀 I’ve really missed it, and this week’s chapter was fabulousss! Let’s get on with the review.

Cover Page Talk:

One question: What are those houses doing at the bottom of sea?! Atlantis reference here? :O I’m actually interested in this cover page story.

I fucking love Bartolomeo. He’s just a riot!

One-Piece-773-Bartolomeo-FunnyBartolomeo is the ultimate fanboy! As Hakuba tries to attack Robin (and failed), he’s all like, “Don’t hurt Robin-senpaaaiiii!!!” ahaha I seriously love this guy. But Robin… WOW, she’s starting to shine more, and I can’t wait for the next chapter already. She stopped Hakuba with her DF abilities, and that’s incredible.

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