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Why I Don’t Review Bleach

100-Day Challenge – Post #2

I do reviews for very popular manga. Naruto, One Piece, Black Butler – you name it. But one of the popular manga (or used to be?) that I don’t do reviews for is Bleach. Now, I didn’t hate Bleach at first. In fact, I got into the anime several years ago, and I loved it. I thought it was the best. It was during the whole Arrancar/Aizen arc, which in my opinion was superb. But after that… things went downhill. I didn’t like the next arc with the first Substitute Soul Reaper. After that, I just stopped getting into Bleach – both the manga and anime.

I don’t know what it is… I did think that Kubo was losing his edge and losing passion for Bleach. I also thought that… there was just not point to it. What was Ichigo’s goal? Where was this manga going? There just wasn’t any direction. I don’t think Ichigo had a goal. I mean, maybe the whole thing about him wanting to protect the people he cared about can be considered a goal, but who doesn’t want to do that? I think Uryu would’ve made a better main character. I think he’d be easy to write about since he’s a Quincy and can aim for a true goal. Ichigo just seems to just exist. I also thought about why I got into Bleach in the first place. Well, the zanpakutos, the hot characters, the cool outfits, and the back stories on some of the characters were attractive. But I guess you can say that it was temporary? Since I didn’t get back into Bleach after Aizen’s arc. Continue reading Why I Don’t Review Bleach