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Black Butler 98: That Butler, Response

100-Day Challenge – Post #31

Black Butler 98 Review!

For the first time ever, I think, I’m not all that impressed with the cover page for Black Butler 98. So I won’t feature it in this post today. But it does show that Ciel and Sebastian are back in action!

This chapter wasn’t really exciting as the previous chapters, but that’s probably because everything has hit the fan. So many answers and surprising discoveries have been revealed in chapter 98.

The chapter starts off with Wolfram waking up due to the emergency alarm going off, and he finds Sieglinde not in her room! Oops, panic, panic, panic. Poor Sieglinde, though. She just found out she made poisonous gas that’s going to kill people, and you can totally see her innocence here. It’s sad to see it shattered and be betrayed by everyone around you. I think she feels super alone right now and completely… shocked? No, not the right word. Traumatized? I don’t know, but it’s not good. Poor thing.

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