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Tag: Black Butler Manga Reviews

Black Butler 96.5: Book of Circus Side Story

My review on Black Butler 96.5!

I wasn’t expecting anything from Yana for a couple of weeks, but the other day, I saw a side story for Black Butler :O I was totally floored and had to stop everything just to read it. It’s such a cute side story, but it makes me sad. Just to give you a background, this story is about the main circus troupe members before they met Kelvin. It’s cute, it’s innocent, and it really shows the love everyone has for each other. They also had times where they had fun and found moments of happiness here and there.

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Black Butler 93: The Butler, Descent

My Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 93 Review!

Okay, so, I just gotta fangirl a moment… Seriously, BB is one of my favorite manga, and I just love when it comes out! The artwork is amazing, and I just love the characters. It’s a unique manga ^_^ But I wasn’t very… sure how to take in this chapter. I just wasn’t ready for what was presented, and I also sorta don’t want something to happen… but I’ll discuss that later. So! First up is the cover page for this month’s chapter of Black Butler. I’m confused — is the person on the left Ciel? It oddly doesn’t look like Ciel. I mean, the eyes are covered, the hair is different… something just seems different. The person even looks a bit taller. Also, the curtains behind Ciel and Sebastian… I wonder what that means? Is there “act” about to be over because of Ciel? Something seems weird about this cover… Something that seems like a hint. There’s that whole “Past and Present, Passing Each Other.” Hmmm… I wonder if it’s referring to the two Ciels in this chapter? Goodness. There’s just so many more mysteries now. I seriously think Yana wants to play with our minds. There are answers, but then there are more mysteries. I’m wondering if this arc is just a cover up for something even bigger that Yana will tell us about? Hmmm. Interesting. 


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