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Tag: Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Finds Secret Cellar Door In Basement

Black Butler Chapter 92: That Butler, Service

My review on Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 92!

Aw, Finny looks adorable here!
Aw, Finny looks adorable here!

Okay, so, I’ve been waiting for this chapter to come out since the 18th this month… then I’m waiting and waiting… and it’s almost the end of the 20th… so I’m like, “That’s weird, why hasn’t the new chapter come out yet? It should have been here!” Then, I searched online for Kuroshitsuji 92 and lo’ and behold, it was already out… on the 18th… I kept checking MangaPanda, but wow, it was way late on the Black Butler update! Pissed me off! Anyway, I’m okay now and I’ll be writing this post calmly, so no fear of me rawr’ing throughout the post, all right? So, this chapter… at first, when I read it, it just seemed so random, disorganized… I was just like, wtf? What is happening here?! It just started out with Finny’s past and how he suffered through the trauma of the doctors/scientists/whatever killing his friends. I thought there would be a little lead up to that moment. I wasn’t sure what to really think. I mean, one second, we’re going through Finny’s past, then we’re going to where Sebastian finds where the werewolves are in the cellar… I mean, it was just random! Anyway, after reading it a few more times, though, I started to pick out things from the chapter and I started to appreciate it more, so let’s dive into my analysis/review of this chapter. Continue reading Black Butler Chapter 92: That Butler, Service