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Black Butler 99.5 Side Story Review

Black Butler 99.5 Side Story Review!

(If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to Black Butler 99.5 side story!) Haven’t been updating my blog for a while, but I’ve been on holiday vacation and just being busy with other things in my life. ^_^ But now I have some time to update my blog! I’ve missed it! Let’s start off with a Black Butler review.

I wasn’t expecting anything special with Black Butler this month, but we got an extra chapter! ^_^ It’s a side story about Ciel’s past, and we get to see more of Vincent and Diedrich in this side story.

The story starts out with Ciel recognizing a recipe for some type of soup that he, his dad, and Diedrich made for Ciel’s mother, who was ill at the time. And that’s what jumpstarts the walk down memory lane.

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