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Black Butler 95: That Butler, Disappointed

My review on Black Butler 95!

Oh, YES! Ciel, you little crybaby, you’re finally back to your bitchy self! And I love it! Well, I was suspecting Yana to bring Ciel back to normal, anyway, so it wasn’t that surprising. Kuroshitsuji isn’t the same without cold Ciel and sadistic Sebastian. Again, I loved this chapter so much, just like every other damn chapter Yana publishes. The artwork in this chapter was phenomenal, and it was similar to the chessboard scene. Ah, Black Butler is like sweets to me – addicted to it!

So, first, I want to discuss the cover page. I think the title and the subtitle of this chapter was simply describing how Sebastian didn’t get to eat Ciel’s soul, but I absolutely love the cover page, so I have to feature it here.


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