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Tag: Akatsuki

BFFs #2 – Deidara and Tobi



You know, after meeting Tobi in the Naruto series, I really thought he was a major dumbass and his personality really was that annoying; but after seeing him interacting with Deidara, he’s hilarious! I suppose the annoying part of him was fake since we find out later that he’s Obito. Like how Kisimoto makes it so that people underestimate Naruto in the first Naruto series, he makes it so that Tobi is underestimated due to his airhead personality.

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Itachi Uchiha

***Contains Spoilers***

As I’m watching the episode when Kisami and Itachi go to Konoha (I’m always thinking about writing a post when I watch Naruto), I decided that I wanted to write about another favorite character of mine, Itachi Uchiha.

When Itachi was first introduced into the series and when I first watched Naruto, I thought Itachi was a very cold-hearted person. Killing his clan… Killing his own parents? I even thought that he left Sasuke alive because he really did mean that he didn’t think Sasuke was worth killing at all because Sasuke was so weak and just a child. At the time I thought this, though, I didn’t think about the other kids Itachi murdered because they were never shown. Continue reading Itachi Uchiha