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One Piece 757: Trump Card

My review on One Piece 757!

This week has been too good. Got a new Naruto and One Piece chapter as well as a Black Butler one. A new Naruto anime episode is coming out, too, and I’m so stoked to watch it. It’s going to be just as epic as last week’s, if not more. ^_^ So, let’s get on with the One Piece 757 review! So, I gotta say… I thought Bartolomeo’s reactions toward Luffy are kinda cute. It adds a ton of humor to the manga, and his reactions haven’t gotten old – yet. I think it’s really funny that he can’t face Luffy and gets so emotional lol I wonder what else we’ll see from Bartolomeo! He made stairs for Luffy and the others to reach the flower field where Diamante and Rebecca are, but it seems that he has a limit on his barrier moves. That’s a good tidbit to learn about Bartolomeo, but I hope he’ll be okay now that he can’t create barriers anymore.

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