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One Piece SBS 82: Worst Generation Hobbies

One Piece SBS 82: The Hobbies of the Worst Generation Pirates

I’m a moderator at Oro Jackson, the best One Piece Community around, and I wanted to share an SBS that my buddies Micchan and Divvens helped provide to the community. You can find the entire translated SBS here: 

I’m going to be selective here and talk about the page that reveals the hobbies of the Worst Generation, and the ones I want to note here are Law’s, Drake’s, Urouge’s, and Blackbeard’s. I mean… wow. I wasn’t expecting some of these! 

Trafalgar D. Water Law’s Hobbies

Oda says that Law’s hobbies are vagrancy and collecting commemorative coins. These… are strange hobbies for Law, frankly. I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, WTF VAGRANCY?! Where does that even come from?! How do you make homelessness a hobby? How? What thrills does he get from it? I hope we see this in the manga some time cos I think it’s hilarious as hell.

X-Drake’s Hobbies

I was pleasantly surprised to see X-Drake’s hobbies in this SBS! I’m even more interested in his character now. So, he’s supposedly a reptile maniac… that explains his Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit powers! I wonder how deep his obsession over reptiles go. I hope he’s not creepy… BAHAHAHA. I really like his character.

I also love that he’s into astrophysics! That seems so like him, too. See, he has these interesting hobbies, and some of the others have normal hobbies (e.g., Kid loving music and collecting weapons), and then there are the weird ones, like Law’s hobbies. After this reveal about Drake’s hobbies, I seriously love him even more as a character. I hope he’ll be super cool when he comes into the story again!

Urouge’s Hobbies

Love making.

That’s it. I’m dead.


But, omg, I can’t wait to see Urouge again. Maybe he and Sanji will be best buds.

I actually thought this was quite interesting as a hobby… I mean, sure, if you think about the Worst Generation characters realistically, they’re all grown men. (Yes, even Luffy, though he’s more of a “young man.”) So I guess the idea of sex and women and all that normal human jazz will come up, but for it to be a hobby? Well, that takes it to another level. I seriously can’t stop laughing. I’m so curious about Urouge now!

Blackbeard’s Hobbies

One of Blackbeard’s hobbies is gambling, which I can see him doing. It suits his character. But his other hobby is historical research, which surprises me. I know that he’s a D, and he’ll be linked to history somehow, especially the history of the Void Century. But for it to be a hobby of his is fascinating and surprising at the same time. I wonder what type of history he’s dug up and what he likes to read? This reminds me of Robin and her history research and her interest in history, too. Will these two be connected somehow in the future due to their hobbies? 

Also, I want to know what Blackbeard knows about history! Excited to see him again and see if Oda will show his history hobbies in the storyline. 

All right, so these are the pirates from the Worst Generation group that I wanted to highlight in this post! I love that Oda shares these fun tidbits about his characters with us. It gives these characters more depth and personality, so I’m even more stoked to see them again in the series 😀 

Remember to read the full SBS translation here at Oro Jackson: 

Here’s the page that shows the hobbies of the Worst Generation:

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