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One Piece: Kaido’s Reveal!

I’m totally late to the party, but I’m so ready to talk about one of the Yonko in One Piece! First off, I wasn’t expecting Kaido to be revealed so soon. And so epically. But, hey, we’re talking about Oda here, and he has surprised me and many other OP fans countless times. Let me reiterate what Oda said about Kaido here:

“The man was looking for a place to die… And, if I were to tell you about him, he is a pirate that has tasted defeat 7 times and has been captured by the navy and his enemies over 18 times! A man that has lived through countless torture and was a fugitive on the run… Now, he attempts to take his own life… in a way that is still rather rare in his own world… suicide by jumping from Sorajima…

And, now… Let me tell you once more: A man that has been captured all sorts 18 times and survived 10,000 kinds of torture. Having the death sentence handed to him 40 times. But every time he was to be hung, the rope snapped on him. And, even as he is put under the guillotine, the blade mysteriously breaks into pieces… Spears break when he is stabbed, and he has sunk at least 9 gigantic prison ships the whole time he was there. 

What I’m trying to say is… Nobody… could kill this man!!! And he himself… find it amusing that to the point that suicide is a hobby! 

The man’s name is…


People always said, if you wanted to pick a fight, do it with Kaido… Because among all the living, be it land, sea or air… He’s said to be the strongest pirate alive!!”

Hello, world, please meet Kaido, the man who will destroy you if you wear your feather cape in an unacceptable manner:

What I’ll be discussing in this post:

  2. Kaido’s Declaration of War (And Sayonara Kid Alliance…! Still Love Ya, Just Don’t Tell Kaido Cos I Kinda Love Him, Too)
  3. Little. Pirate. Games. 
  4. His Connection to Wano Kuni – No, It’s Not Because He Loves Sake. He Loves Oden… (Too Soon?) 

One Piece Chapter 795 – Kaido’s Reveal

I’m pretty sure the world shut down when Kaido was finally revealed. I wasn’t expecting him at all, and I didn’t even expect him to look so. freaking. BAD. ASS. I mean, just look at him! He’s beefy, he’s huge, he has a permanent constipation look on his face that says he’ll Shinra Tensei (Naruto’s Pain reference) anyone out of his way, and he. can’t. DIE! This monster can’t die, people. He even makes suicide his hobby… and jumped off Sorajima… 10,000 feet in the air. Landed on Kid’s base without a single scratch on him. What. The. Doffy.

So the big question here (at least, one of them) is how the hell does Kaido actually stay alive? Here are some quick theories/speculations that I’ve seen floating around in the One Piece fan community:

  • Speculation #1: Kaido has immortality via the Ope-Ope No Mi’s immortality technique. Law is also after Kaido… so… connection? Hmmm!
  • Speculation #2: Kaido has a Devil Fruit that blocks attacks, etc. It acts like a barrier around him. He can’t die cos he doesn’t know how to lift it off himself. Or he doesn’t want to lift it from himself.
  • Speculation #3: It’s because fate won’t let him die. He’s too important in the future of One Piece, so he can’t die. No matter what. Fate’s keeping him alive, like how Luffy was saved by a lightning strike on Gol D. Roger’s executive platform. It’s all fate! And fate plays a big part in One Piece.
  • Speculation #4: He’s unbeatable. It’s cos of his superhuman body and genes. 

Yeah… maybe these are weak speculations, but seriously… I can’t even fathom what Oda has in mind for Kaido. 

Kaido’s Declaration of War


Well, Kaido’s a Yonko. He already seems like a crazy mofo who wants to wreck the world, so I’m not surprised that he’s trying to start a war here. He most likely will succeed in being a catalyst for the Throne Wars, too, considering what he’s doing in Wano Kuni (I’ll get to that later). I don’t think this is the war that Whitebeard’s talking about. I think there’s way more going on here than the battle for One Piece and the King of Pirates title (Pirates), the battle for freedom against the World Government (Revo Army), etc. Since Oda has stated in an interview or SBS (one of those, can’t remember) that he’s 70-75% finished with One Piece, there’s still a lot left to cover. 

One Piece Chapter 824 – Little Pirate Games

Kaido’s initial reveal in One Piece Chapter 795 showed how powerful and intimidating he is, and if that didn’t convince you of Kaido’s overwhelming power, 1) get off my blog and 2) One Piece Chapter 824 will tell you how serious the New World business is and how much influence Kaido has. Let me just quote Kaido here:

“Oi, tell ’em… Go on, tell ’em! ‘You idiots better run… ‘cuz up until now, you’ve just been simply been playing little pirate games! Eustass… Captain… Kid…!”

Little. Pirate. Games. Ya hear that? Yeah… doesn’t it put the New World pirate business in a whole new light? I got chills reading that, and Kaido isn’t some buffoon who doesn’t know anything. He knows what it takes to rule the seas. Can the Worst Generation pirates do the same? We know these pirates are significant, but how can they take down the Yonko? How can they beat the Yonko, pirates who have ruled the seas for most likely longer than these guys were born.


Now, if it’s a generational shift like the Naruto series where the old get replaced with the new, well… Okay, I can see that, but it’s not going to go down easy. I don’t see anyone taking the Yonko down so easily. I mean, just like how extensive Big Mom’s connections and influence are! She’s got islands and blood-related family members! These Yonko are no joke. I’m not overhyping them, either. There’s no way Oda would bring in the Four Emperors of the Sea and throw them under the bus.

Exhibit A: Look at Eustass Kid… We don’t even know what happened to his own crew members or the people in his alliance. Well, former alliance. Apoo’s with Kaido, and I don’t think Kid is the type to fall under a Yonko’s command, even if it meant defeat. But this scene between Kaido and Kid… I think it shows that Kaido really one-shot Kid and Kid’s already this messed up. 

Kaido’s Connection to Wano Kuni

I don’t know if Kaido’s connection to Wano goes beyond what Kin explained within Zou’s Whale Tree, but Kin explained that Kaido was torturing Oden, Momonosuke’s father, and terrorizing Wano Kuni because he knew that Oden knew Gol D. Roger and knew all about the world’s history. Again, Oda… surprising me again with all this information overload! We already have a link to One Piece and the Void Century! But I can understand Oda revealing all this already. I think everyone will know soon about One Piece and the Void Century, and that will launch the ultimate search for Raftel, One Piece, and the truth of the world. 


From what has been revealed so far, Kaido wanted to know about the secrets that Lord Oden held. He did travel with Gol D. Roger after all. Unfortunately, it ended tragically for Oden and his family… it seems like Wano Kuni’s own Shogun turned his back on his people and allied with Kaido. Out of fear? Or is the Shogun himself corrupt? We’ll find out soon, I hope. I don’t want to wait! ._.

All I can conclude is that Kaido only has a connection to Wano Kuni because 1) he’s allied with the Shogun and 2) wants information about Raftel/One Piece/etc. It also seems like he’s taken over Wano Kuni, unfortunately, and that means Luffy’s crew and Law’s crew will be facing this monstrous Yonko soon. Things are getting WAY too crazy!

I’m intrigued by Kaido’s character, so I’ll be writing more about him. This is just my first post! I’m more interested to see what goes on with Kaido now that I’ve been writing this post for the past hour or so. I used to be more interested in the Big Mom affairs, but Kaido is fascinating me more. I can’t wait to see what comes next! 😀

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