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Most Emotional Parts in Naruto Part One

The Most Tear-Jerking Naruto Moments (Pt. 1)

Leave it to shounen mangakas to create stories that make you cry like the characters in the series itself xD After going through the Naruto series once again, I’ve had some tear-jerking moments, and I thought it’d be fun to list the most memorable, emotional moments in the series. So here we go!

1. Iruka-Sensei Accepting Naruto


This is the very first episode of the Naruto anime series! Naruto was hated and isolated by the villagers because he was the Kyuubi’s Jinchuriki. Since Iruka’s parents were killed during the Kyuubi’s attack on Konoha 16 years ago (Naruto time), Iruka also held ill feelings toward Naruto. But that all changed when Iruka said this:

Yeah… the monster fox would do that… but Naruto is different. I’ve acknowledged him as… one of my excellent students. He may not be the hardest worker… and he is clumsy and no one accepts him… but he already knows what it is to feel pain inside your heart. He isn’t the monster fox. He is a member of the Konohagakure. He’s Naruto Uzumaki!

Iruka is the first person who acknowledges Naruto, and I think this was not only an emotional, life-changing moment for Naruto, but it was for me as well. Have you ever wanted to be accepted by someone? Have you ever wanted to be loved or know love? Well. I think many of us can relate to the feelings Naruto had in this particular scene. Naruto made it clear from that point on that he was going to follow the path that was right for him and continue on it, never giving up. It’s all thanks to Iruka who helped Naruto make that decision. And Iruka has been with Naruto ever since.

Iruka writing his heartful message to Naruto before the war.
Iruka writing his heartful message to Naruto before the war.

Another moment between Iruka and Naruto that I want to share here is when Iruka tried to stop Naruto from going to the war. Iruka lectured Naruto and told him to stop being a spoiled brat. But, deep down, Iruka knew that Naruto would go and save the world. He believed in Naruto whole-heartedly, but as someone who loves and cares for Naruto, he didn’t want Naruto to go. Iruka left a message to Naruto, though, and told him to come back alive. Killer Bee said that Iruka is someone who Naruto will always listen to, and this was another emotional moment for me. 

Do you guys understand how incredibly important Iruka is to Naruto? Do you guys understand how much Naruto cherishes the first person who ever accepted him? Naruto being accepted meant so much to him, and that really brings me to tears. How many of us can say that we are truly grateful for people in our lives who do accept us as we are? Another great lesson from Naruto

Killer Bee fist bumps Iruka.
Killer Bee fist bumps Iruka.

I also have to note that, in this particular moment, Killer Bee’s speech to Iruka was killer, too. Check out Naruto Shippuden Episode 275 if you want to hear what Bee said. 

2. Chiyo’s Undying Faith in the Future Generation

Okay… the name for this particular moment in the Naruto Shippuden series may be… ironic, but it’s the truth and that’s what matters. Chiyo was a renowned Puppet Master and Sasori’s grandmother. Once she retired, Chiyo said she didn’t care about the future of the village, and she persistently believed that having allies was a terrible decision. She lived through the shinobi wars that Naruto’s generation didn’t go through (yet), so I can see where Chiyo was coming from. 

Naruto crying because he's sad that Gaara died and because he's angry about the shinobi world treating Jinchuuriki as weapons.
Naruto crying because he’s sad that Gaara died and because he’s angry about the shinobi world treating Jinchuuriki as weapons.

But her last battle in her life changed her. Meeting Naruto also changed her. He told her off real good xD And Chiyo decided to put her life (literally) into Gaara and give the future generation her undying faith that they can change the shinobi world into something that she never experienced. For me, this was one of the most emotional moments in the series because Chiyo not only changed at the very end of her life, but she also gave Gaara her life because that’s how much faith she had in the future generation. This was a heart-wrenching moment for me because Naruto showed his compassion for other Jinchuuriki, and Chiyo gave up her life to make up for all the mistakes she made as a shinobi. She left the world at peace, knowing that Naruto and the future of the shinobi world would be in good hands. That gets me every time. 

Chiyo transfers her life to Gaara to save him.
Chiyo transfers her life to Gaara to save him.

3. Shikamaru Mourning Asuma’s Death

Shikamaru… the most apathetic guy in the Naruto series showed such incredible emotion when his father told him to let out all the pain he was holding in due to Asuma’s death. Not only was Shikamaru crying something that hit me hard, but it was also the entire scene between Shikamaru and his dad. That’s one helluva a dad right there. 


I also think that Shikamaru’s determination to avenge his sensei’s death was also another sentimental time for me. Shikamaru was reminded of what his teacher taught him: what he was truly supposed to protect as a shinobi of Konoha (the future generation). Shikamaru crying, though… dang. Seeing someone like Shikamaru cry is always a heart-wrenching thing for me.


4. Jiraiya’s Death

Oh, man… Do I even need to explain this one? Yes. Yes, I do. Cos Jiraiya freaking deserves it! Jiraiya’s fight with Pain was quite magnificent, and all that information he got from that fight was extremely helpful, too. Jiraiya dying, though, made me bawl hard. He’s one of my favorite Naruto characters. His death was significant in so many ways, however, so I know it was meant to be, so to speak. I loved his last words, too (see Naruto Shippuden Episode 133). In his final moments of life, Jiraiya made a decision and decided that Naruto would be the one to bring peace to the world. Thanks to Naruto, Jiraiya’s dream has come true, and there’s only peace in the shinobi world now. Naruto’s love for Jiraiya touched me, too, and Tsunade crying over Jiraiya’s death was also a moment that I’d like to mention here since it’s related. 

5. Hinata’s Confession and Courage

Hinata’s character growth reminds me quite a lot of myself. I used to be like her. Shy, never spoke up, reserved… All that. But Hinata has grown into an amazing kunoichi and overall person. When she want to stop Pain from hurting Naruto and when she confessed her feelings to Naruto from her heart, I had to add her to this list. Now… after that? Naruto changing into the Kyuubi form (forget which one) due to pure rage…? Dang. That’s another emotional moment that I need to list here, too! 


6. Naruto Meeting His Father for the First Time

Minato, the Fourth Hokage, comes to the rescue when Naruto almost caves into the Kyuubi’s power. Naruto never knew his parents. He never grew up with a parent’s love. Naruto brought in a lot of emotions into this meeting with this father, even punching his dad and asking Minato why he sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto. But, in the end, Naruto being Naruto… he’s proud that he’s the son of the Fourth Hokage xD hahaha And I also think Naruto confronting his feelings about all the hate he had to endure when he was a kid is important here. He’s stronger because of all the struggles he had to overcome, and Minato was watching inside him all along 😀


7. Hero of Konoha

As a step toward Naruto’s dream of becoming Hokage, he first became the hero of his village after defeating Pain. Finally… after many years, Naruto is acknowledged by the villagers. He’s been wanting this moment for ages, and he finally got it! I cried so much when this happened because it’s so gratifying to see someone achieve their goal, whether they’re a real person or a fictional character in a manga. Seeing Naruto grow and become stronger is one thing, but witnessing him achieving his goal of being acknowledged by the people in his village? That’s what it’s all about! Naruto deserved it, and I couldn’t help feeling happy for him (even though he’s not real) from the bottom of my heart. He freakin’ did it!


8. Motoi’s Past Hate and Killer Bee’s Awesomeness

If you don’t remember who Motoi is, he was one of Killer Bee’s closest friends when he was a kid. However, Motoi started hating Killer Bee like most of the Cloud Village and treated Killer Bee poorly. But that didn’t last long and Motoi regretted his treatment toward Bee ever since. That changed, though, and Killer Bee held no ill feelings toward Motoi after finding out. This might not be a strong emotional moment for others, but, for me, this was really awesome because it showed Bee’s forgiveness, compassion, optimism, and basically his overall depth of character. He’s just awesome!


9. Naruto Meets His Mother for the First Time

DANGIT… Naruto meeting his mother was a tear-jerker for sure! Naruto got to talk to his mom and hear the words he’s been longing for forever: “I love you.” I think that helped fill him even more, and it’s been such an adventure watching Naruto grow in a unique and inspiring way. I just love that Kishimoto made it so that Naruto could meet both his parents and know that they were great people. 


10. Kushina and Minato’s Sacrifice & Last Words to Naruto


Ugh… Kushina and Minato getting stabbed with the Kyuubi’s claw to protect Naruto… and their last words to Naruto. I mean, Kushina and Minato are amazing characters in the Naruto series, and they had so much love for their son. When Kushina was talking to Naruto, speaking her last living words, I cried a lot because death is scary. Minato and Kushina only had a few moments left with their son. I can’t even imagine how that feels like, just having a few moments to live with your loved ones. And the last words to Naruto (“Thank you”) Kushina said before she disappeared… GAHHHHHH!!!!!! Yeah. Just let me heart bleed. Minato and Kushina also died believing in their son. Naruto really is the Child of the Prophecy since he had so many people believing in him! 😀


11. Konan’s Memories


Before and after Konan fights Tobi, she reminisces about her childhood with Nagato, Yahiko, and Jiraiya. Konan treasures her bonds with these three, and I love the bittersweet memories she shared before she died. That secret hideout that they all had acted as their home. Since Jiraiya, Nagato, and Yahiko are all dead, Konan was the only one left. Jiraiya came up with a way to let anyone in their group know when they were away or back at home by using these wooden blocks that had two sides (one frog side, one red side). This involved them wearing adorable frog suits, of course xD Konan’s block was still on the frog side, which indicated that she was still away. But, after Konan died, one of her papers was dyed red with her blood and it floated to her wooden block in the house, landing perfectly on it. This meant that was she was finally home with everyone once again. Another touching moment in Naruto that gets me crying every time.


12. Gaara’s War Speech & Knowing His Mother Loved Him

Ah, Gaara. Another one of my favorite characters. With his amazing character growth, I had to add him to this list. My two favorite emotional moments with Gaara are his before-the-war speech and knowing the truth about his mother and her love for him. He’s such a pure-hearted person and, despite his Kazekage status, he was humble enough to ask all shinobi to help him save the world. Gaara was also able to keep the Shinobi Alliance together with his speech and helping everyone understand each other’s pain. It was unforgettable.


When Gaara met his dad again on the battlefield, his father revealed the truth about everything. Gaara was never truly hated by his uncle or his mother. Gaara said it best: thanks to his mother, he got medicine from his father for his broken heart. Ah, seriously! Gaara is similar to Naruto in many ways, so this was emotionally satisfying to see because Gaara deserved to know the truth and know that his mother loved him. 


13. Shino and Torune

I think this was an anime-only feature, but it still moved me enough to make it part of this list. Here’s a bit of background on Torune: Torune is from the Aburame Clan like Shino, and Shino thought of him as a brother. But Torune, due to his special poison bug jutsu, was accepted into Danzo’s Foundation. Torune volunteered himself so that Shino didn’t have to go. Shino, when he was younger, didn’t have friends and didn’t care at the time. But, as he grew up and experienced what camaraderie was like, he came to appreciate friendship and he thanked Torune, who was Edo Tensei’d, for going to the Foundation so that Shino didn’t have to. I thought this was really sweet because Torune chose a rather dark and difficult path while Shino got to experience the other side. 


14. Naruto & Kurama: The Ultimate Two-Man Team

I love these two together. Kurama (the Kyuubi or Nine-Tailed Beast) and Naruto make the best Two-Man Team! Kurma, who was once a beast full of hate and anger, finally changed thanks to Naruto’s efforts. Kurama has been with Naruto since his birth, and he knows Naruto the best. Kurama has also had his share of pains and bad experiences, so I think that’s one factor that connects him to Naruto. He also believes that Naruto can change the world and change how people see the Tailed Beasts. Kurama knew that Naruto would bring freedom to them. I also love how Naruto was determined to take all the hate away from Kurama. 

Plus… Kurama’s the cutest out of all the Tailed Beasts! xD Especially when he was a baby!


15. Itachi and Sasuke: I Will Always Love You

FINALLY Sasuke hears what he needs to hear from his brother! I loved this brotherly moment between them. Itachi really loved his little brother, and this was the jolt Sasuke needed to question his revenge against Konoha. I was so happy that Kishimoto let Itachi and Sasuke fight together to stop Kabuto. Sasuke needed to hear the truth from Itachi after all. 


All right, this wraps up Part One of the most emotional moments in the Naruto series! I’ll be back again with Part Two soon 🙂

Update: Read Part Two here.

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