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Most Emotional Parts In Naruto Part Two

Most Emotional Moments in Naruto Part Two

All right, I’m back again with the most emotional moments in Naruto! Here’s Part One if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m still going on my nostalgia trip with Naruto, so you’ll most likely see more Naruto blog posts in the near future xD Let’s get started.

16. Young Obito Uchiha’s Death

Despite Obito’s drastic change and him being one of the main causes of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, his young version was much more likeable. Obito was just like Naruto when he was a kid, dreaming of becoming Hokage. But, because he considered himself the black sheep of the elite Uchiha Clan, he worked hard to get noticed by the girl he liked and to beat Kakashi, his opposite and his rival. Before his death, though, Obito awakened his Sharingan and decided to become the person he wanted to be. Then, Obito sacrificed himself to save his friends, and he died an incredibly noble death. I cried. No shame. Seriously. Young Obito Uchiha is one of my favorite characters. Tobi is, too… xD I’m happy Obito was able to become a hero again before he died again. He did a lot of terrible things, but his life shows you can take many paths or take the wrong one but get back on the right one. I think everyone has experienced that, so I’m not going to hate him like most people do.

17. Obito Uchiha’s Hell

When Obito gets wind that Kakashi and Rin are being chased down by shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village, Obito goes out to save them, determined to protect his friends. But, unfortunately, Rin committed suicide on Kakashi’s Raikiri and Obito witnessed it, which activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. He created a sea of blood by killing all the Hidden Mist shinobi, and his rage was one of the most emotional moments for me. Obito completely lost it and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan with Kakashi. That entire scene was pure… emotion. It was powerful. Then, when Obito went to Rin’s dead body, holding her close to him, I lost it. It’s so sad to see a pure-hearted soul like Obito go astray and lose someone he loved. I hate death, and this was the turning point of Obito’s life down to hell.

18. A Shinobi’s True Dream

Hashirama Senju is the shinobi who founded Konohagakure (The Hidden Leaf Village), and he was the one who made his dream of peace known to the world. Of course, even during his time, things weren’t so simple. Wars still continued. Slowly, but surely, Hashirama’s dream would be passed down to future generations and manifested into reality. When Hashirama shared his dream with the Shinobi Alliance during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, I… cried. Surprise! bahaha But seriously… how can you not feel compassion and empathy when you hear how passionate Hashirama spoke about his dream? And he had that unique charm that Naruto had to bring people together. Hashirama showed that every shinobi wanted to achieve this dream. Who wants to fight all day, every day for all their lives? That’s exhausting and painful! No one wants that. Hashirama truly was an inspiring, wonderful man, and I’m happy that Kishimoto brought him back to remind all shinobi of what their true dream is. 

19. Neji’s Death

Neji was once a bitter, arrogant young boy who believed that he couldn’t change his destiny. But, after fighting a young Naruto back in the first Naruto segment, Neji freed himself from the cage he put himself in. In the Fourth Great Shinobi War, instead of being a Hyuuga from the branch family who had to protect the main family, Neji protected the people he cared for, ultimately showing that he can decide his own destiny. I was so shocked that Neji died. I wasn’t expecting it, and I, yet again, cried after seeing him die. I didn’t believe it at first because he was so young… but it’s war, so that’s what happens. People will die. But Neji died happy… finally, truly understanding that he can decide his own fate. 

20. Minato and Kushina’s Red String of Fate

Ah, a little romance in shounen manga didn’t hurt anyone, right? I’m kind of a sucker for these things, and I loved the moment that Minato went to save Kushina, showed his badassness at such a young age, and told her that her hair was beautiful. I loved that Kushina decided that her hair was the red string of fate that connected her to her soulmate (Minato). For me, subtly romantic moments like these earn a spot on these kinds of lists.

21. Kakashi Likes You

When Kakashi first meets Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto, he declared that he didn’t like them/hated them because of their lack of teamwork already shown from their very first meeting. After so many obstacle in their way, Kakashi comes full circle and says he likes his Team 7 because they worked together to take down Kaguya 😀 I thought this was magnificently done by Kishimoto. I love circle endings like these, and I’m happy he added such an important element of the story into the series. I bet most of us forgot about how significant Kakashi’s “I hate you” in the beginning was for the entire series, since one of the biggest lessons in Naruto is teamwork. I chose to put this moment on the list because of Kakashi’s character growth and Team 7 working together to defeat Kaguya. I can’t help it! The growth in characters gets to me! 

22. Naruto and Sasuke’s Seal of Reconciliation

FINALLY! The cycle of hatred and battle between Indra and Ashura is over! Thanks to Naruto, of course. Without him, Sasuke wouldn’t return home and Team 7 wouldn’t be together again. This fight wasn’t just important to Naruto’s character, but it was also critical to the shinobi world. The dream of peace Hashirama had when he was young, and perhaps the dream many shinobi in history have had, has finally been realized, and the brothers’ (Indra and Ashura) souls have reconciled. If you really think about it, all the fighting in the shinobi world started with Indra and Ashura. But, now that Naruto and Sasuke are friends again because Naruto would be persistent about bring Sasuke home, the world doesn’t have to be a battlefield anymore. Truly one of the best moments in Naruto

Also, I just have to point out the method that Naruto and Sasuke used for their last fight: It was a straight-up fist fight, and you can’t get more raw than that. Kishimoto did great with this final fight! Naruto never gave up. His actions and lifestyle has lead to world peace. And this leads me to my last emotional moment…

23. Naruto Uzumaki: The Seventh Hokage!!

Did you know that the first chapter of the Naruto series was titled “Uzumaki Naruto”? And the last chapter of the series is titled “Naruto Uzumaki!!”? Well, Kishimoto has a thing for circle endings, huh! Seeing how Naruto struggled throughout his life to be recognized and achieving his dream in the end… Wow. Emotional. Anyone being able to reach such big goals and dreams, to me, is something to be happy about. I cried when Naruto ended and he finally became Hokage. And being the Seventh, he’s a lucky one! I loved seeing his face on the rock along with the other previous Hokage. 

24. Madara Uchiha’s Death and Redemption


I know Madara did quite a lot to the shinobi world, so I guess that’s people’s excuses for hating him, but I feel compassion for him instead. Madara once loved and lost it, but right at the very end, he realized Hashirama’s path was the right one for his true dream. He shared the same dream as Hashirama when they were children, but he lost his way. Then, right at the end, Madara was able to agree to Hashirama’s way and be Hashirama’s friend again. It took a while, and it had to take him realizing he was being used to do it… but he found his way. Madara Uchiha, though extreme and incredibly powerful, is worth mentioning on this list. I’m happy he found his way again. 

25. “Sorry, Sasuke. No next time.”

Ugh, I’m crying remembering Itachi’s last words to Sasuke (when he was alive and not Edo Tensei). Isn’t that sad? No next time. That’s what death means 🙁 Itachi was such an amazing character, and his death had a major impact on me. Even now, two years after the Naruto series ended, I still cry. Itachi’s the best!

So that concludes my list of the most emotional moments in the Naruto series! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this list. Please share other moments with me that you find emotional, too!

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