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A Post Dedicated to Might Gai

Naruto Character Feature: Might Guy


I’ve been on a Naruto nostalgia trip these past couple days, and I’ve been inspired to write more Naruto-related posts here on the blog. I’ll be getting to other topics, too, but I think I’ve been holding all these thoughts in. Even though Naruto ended two years ago, I’m not ashamed to be talking about it still! 😀 

I realized that I didn’t have any great posts about Guy-sensei! After watching and reading Naruto again, I just had to make a post for Guy. He’s too awesome, and he’s one of my favorite characters in Naruto

Guy’s Fighting Style

One of my favorite things about Guy is that he’s a taijutsu specialist. I love hand-to-hand combat, so I’m naturally drawn to those who are experts at close combat fighting. When Guy fought Madara in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he gave it his all and showed everyone how much of pro he really is in taijutsu. 

Guy’s Guts

Guy is all about having guts, and his smile-y, cheerful nature is proof. Ever since he was young, Guy has been picked on. Even his dad was picked on for being a genin. We saw a different side of Guy when he was a kid. He would get fired up about people bullying his dad; he would cry and get depressed; he would talk down about himself; and he wouldn’t feel confident about himself or his dad’s beliefs.

Example of the old Guy and his pessimism.

But, ever since he first faced Kakashi at the Academy, Guy has adopted his dad’s beliefs (about the springtime of youth!!) and has been smiling ever since. That’s when Guy found his guts, and he’s been improving himself from that point on. Guy made Kakashi his eternal rival for a reason, and having Kakashi as a rival helped him improve greatly as a shinobi. 

Guy’s Sacrifice


When Guy decided in an instant that he was going to risk his life against Madara to protect the new generation of shinobi, the new world of shinobi, and the people he cared about, my respect for him went through the Earth’s atmosphere and to another faraway universe. Seriously, people. If you didn’t like Might Guy during this fight… you must be trollin’. 

Guy didn’t hesitate. He was up against Madara, who had gained the powers of the legendary Sage of Six Paths. Guy knocked Madara up so badly that Madara even said he was excited about the fight and that Guy nearly killed him. If Madara’s complimenting you… you know you’re freaking boss. 


Best line that Guy said when he decided with all his heart that he was going to sacrifice himself in this fight:

I didn’t just rot and die! I will become nourishment for the new fresh leaves! The time when a new spring comes, and the fresh leaves bud… is the peak of youth! It’s the time to burn, deep crimson!

Guy learned this from his dad. That youth burns the brightest when one dies, and this is how Guy carries on his father’s teachings. I love it because, the moment that Guy risks his life and knows he’s going to die after going all out, he brings out the badassery that’s always hidden by his goofy looks and silly antics. This image here says it all:

Lol, writing this has gotten me emotional, so I’ll end it here. I’ll always admire Guy! One of the best shinobi in the Naruto series, and he’s the perfect rival for Kakashi 😀

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