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Manga Resources

Hi there! This is the manga resources page where you can find all sorts of links that relate to manga, from where you can read manga online to forums where you can communicate with lots of others who enjoy reading  manga. I created this page so that those who are new to manga or those who want to know more about the mangas I review can find information. However, even though I provide the scans for mangas here, I also collect the manga volumes, so it’d be fantastic if you can support your favorite mangas by purchasing the mangakas’ works when they’re available in your country.

So, the place where I read Naruto manga online is here:

I read One Piece manga online here:

Personally, I don’t like Manga Panda because of their layout, and they’re not very organized with their updates. What I mean is they’ll say a manga is finished when it’s still ongoing, and they don’t keep updated with “hot” or popular manga that many people are reading. I prefer going to Manga Here because they have a more clean, interactive site where you can comment on mangas, talk to others and find lots more manga hosted here that are kept up to date. It’s just a much cleaner, modern site, so I read most of my manga there. Unfortunately, they don’t host One Piece, Naruto or Bleach. Also, you can create an account on Manga Here and bookmark your favorite mangas! It’s so useful, keeps everything in one place.

Another note about Manga Panda: Their translations can be way off, such as for One Piece. In this case, when the translations make absolutely no sense or I want to double-check the translations and their meanings, I use MangaStream.

I also watch One Piece and Naruto anime, so here are the links to them:

For other manga I read and review, here’s the list:

Black Butler has an anime, which consists of two seasons, and here’s episode one of Black Butler in a subbed version. You can follow the other episodes easily with the videos on the side or go to Funimation’s website to view all the free Black Butler online anime.

If you want to read the one shot manga I review, I’ll be listing the scans at the end of each post, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested in reading them! 🙂

For forums, here are several that I like to visit and lurk:

Note: I’ll continue to update this page from time to time! Keep checking for updates.

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