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One Piece Feature: Kaido’s Drunk Personas

One Piece Scandal: Kaido Gets Drunk

Well, leave it to Oda to give a beastly character like Kaido a bunch of hilarious quirks, which are oddly quite fitting for him. In One Piece Chapter 824 (“Little Pirate Games”), Kaido reveals that he’s got multiple personalities when he’s been sippin’ too much sake…

Drunk Personality #1: The Sentimental Drunk

So… here we have Kaido crying over the fact that he can’t have an all-Devil-Fruit crew because Joker’s been taken out. I mean, this guy is bawling here, and I’m pretty sure the sake has tickled his tear ducts and got him crying in such a state. It’s quite funny that Kaido’s getting emotional over his unrealized “dream” of having a complete Devil Fruit User crew xD I think it kinda shows a childish side to him. I also love reading his men’s thoughts. “I guess today he’s being a sentimental drunk.” That indicates they know all his drunk “sides” and can tell when he’s in one of these moods xD It’s amusing. 


Drunk Personality #2: The Raging Drunk

Due to some of his men talking about Luffy and how they shouldn’t underestimate him, Kaido transformed into a raging drunk, and my God am I glad I’m not around this man cos he’d kill me for laughing so much. Did you see the way Kaido told his men he didn’t give two shits about Law or Luffy? He puts their bounty posters in their hands and in front of their face. He slams a club into their face and sends them flying! Kaido’s crazy. I guess that trait is part of his Raging Drunk persona. 

I also love what he says about Law and Luffy here. “They think they’re really hot shit. They should be well aware that they’ve stuck their noses into my dealings by now.” I feel like that implies that Kaido isn’t just going to sit back and let them pass through without some… “punishment.” Welp, I’m going to continue believing in Luffy and Law, though not sure if Law will stick around for long xD He did look… hesitant about going to Wano Kuni and agreeing to help the samurai out. 

Anyway, only two of Kaido’s drunk personalities have been seen! What do you think his other personalities are? I’m currently imagining him with a super happy, dorky face… Oh man, too funny in my mind. I can totally see it. I love how Oda makes even the most dangerous and serious characters a bit quirky xD Sometimes, though, having an all-serious character would be nice, which Oda has done (e.g., Akainu). 

Can’t wait to see Kaido drunk next time!


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