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Naruto Feature: Hashirama Senju and His Dream

Hashirama’s Dream for the Shinobi World

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage (Shodaime Hokage) and the legendary Wood Jutsu User, was Ashura’s reincarnation before Naruto Uzumaki. Kishimoto, Naruto’s creator, made sure that we all understood the importance of Hashirama’s character in the manga series. He was not only Ashura’s reincarnation, but Hashirama was the first shinobi to establish a system that would be the foundation of future peace between shinobi nations and villages. 

The Beginning of a New World

Hashirama Senju, a person with many similarities to Naruto Uzumaki, was an idealistic, compassionate man who wanted all wars to stop since he witnessed many children dying on the battlefield, including his younger brothers. Hashirama never gave up on his dream, unlike Madara Uchiha, and that’s what was needed to set the foundation of peace. 

Personally, I don’t think Hashirama or Madara were the only ones to dream of a world without war. I think many shinobi before and after these two wanted a world without battles and bloodshed, but they gave up on that dream, thinking it was impossible. But Hashirama changed the fate of shinobi forever by never giving up on his dream. 

Can you imagine having to be on the battlefield as a young child? Before you even turned 10 years old? And not living a full life because you died? Or witnessing so many massacres and killings at such a young age? Seeing your loved ones die and get mutilated? I can’t even… no. Just no. Even though Naruto is fiction, I can’t tell you how much it meant that Hashirama decided to create peace and a children-free warzone later in the series.

The Foundation to World Peace: Konohagakure

When the Uchiha and Senju clans, the two most powerful shinobi groups, established an alliance and created Konohagakure, this was the first step to Hashiram’s dream being realized. Of course, many conflicts between shinobi still ensued, but Hashirama’s dream was turning into reality. Although Hashirama was extremely optimistic, he knew that, even when creating alliances with other nations and shinobi villages, those alliances may not last. But he wanted to persist and achieve true peace, even if that meant he had to pass it on to the next generation. 

Hashirama’s “Failure”: Indra and Ashura Continue Their Battle

Although Hashirama was a kind, compassionate man who established a great shinobi system, he made one mistake that would determine if Indra and Ashura’s souls would continue battling until they found true peace. What I believe is Hashiram’s “error” is that he chose a stricter, harsher route when dealing with people who posed a threat to his village, and that was proven when he decided to kill Madara (Indra’s reincarnation). I don’t think Hashirama was wrong, per say. I’m saying that his decision would lead to Indra and Ashura’s souls fighting yet again, so that was proof that his way would not lead to true peace. 

Hashirama never gave up his dream of peace, but his decision meant that he gave up on saving Madara. Both Naruto and Hashirama are Ashura’s reincarnations, yet they both made two completely different decisions when it came to protecting the ones they love. Hashirama chose to give up on saving Madara and killed him instead. But that did not bring peace to Indra’s soul, which was reincarnated in Madara. But, Naruto, on the other hand, chose to never give up on Sasuke and to finally reconcile with him in the end, bringing him home. That was the real solution to Indra and Ashura’s conflict. 

The “never give up” lesson is repeated in the Naruto series. Example: When Jiraiya didn’t give up before he died, the Child of Prophecy, Naruto, came to be. If Jiraiya had given up, who knows what would’ve happened? So never giving up was the real answer to true peace. Through Naruto, though, Hashirama’s ultimate dream manifested and became reality 😀 

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