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Category: Skip Beat Thoughts & Analysis

Shou vs Ren: Who’s Going To End Up With Kyoko?

What I think about the love rivals — Sho and Ren — in Skip Beat.

I’ve read a few good blog posts that presented the whole who-should-Kyoko-end-up-with argument, and even read some where some bloggers thought Kyoko should be with Sho. I thought they were good arguments, like this blog here, but I am cheering for Ren and Kyoko! YEAH I SAID IT! It’s okay; many people are cheering for them too. I’m not alone in this! Now here’s why I think Ren and Kyoko are good together…

Okay, I don’t know how many of you out there believe in soulmates, true love, meant-to-be, etc., but -I- am one of those people. Yeah, call me a sucker, you cynical and non-believing fiends (disclaimer: no harm meant in this phrase, all jokes)! But, to me, how all the events in Skip Beat are set up, it really does seem like Ren and Kyoko are meant to be. Let me lay it out for you: Continue reading Shou vs Ren: Who’s Going To End Up With Kyoko?