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Skip Beat 216 Short Review

100-Day Challenge – Post #26

Things are getting interesting in the Skip Beat world! And this chapter just proved it. So, Kyoko is still stuck on Ren’s real name and wanted to ask his manager about it. Also, Ren’s manager is quite handsome:


He kinda reminds me of Ryuken and Uryu in Bleach. Look at the longish hair and glasses! haha Continue reading Skip Beat 216 Short Review

Skip Beat 212: Technicolor Paradise Time Shift

My review on Skip Beat 212!

FINALLY! The plot and storyline are moving forward! So, someone named Rick and Tina were part of Ren’s past… I’m curious to see what happens… I’m thinking that this Tina person will pop up again in the future somehow, and I think that that might be the time that Ren reveals everything to Kyoko. I wonder how Kyoko is going to take it, though? I mean… she might feel like a complete idiot after Ren tells her the truth. I’m also concerned about Kyoko’s feelings for Ren… if they’re known by Sho and other people… things are going to be very bad. :/ I think this is going to get a very dramatic soon, so this little vacation thing going on in Skip Beat is going to be a good break… the calm before the storm, so to speak. 

So, this chapter was sorta eh. Nothing really to think about, but I thought it was funny how Ren got scolded by Ten-san/Miss Woods lol and how he wasn’t surprised at all that she said Kyoko was in Guam. 


Continue reading Skip Beat 212: Technicolor Paradise Time Shift

Skip Beat 211: Technicolor Paradise ~ Melt Heart

My review on Skip beat 211!


Okay, so, this chapter of Skip Beat was finally the end of the whole Corn and Kyoko thing! I feel like now this arc will start moving forward, and will finally see different scenes and different people and how everything will pan out between Ren and Kyoko! I’m really excited to read the next chapter next month, and, oh, this chapter also said there would be a side story published today in the Hana to Yume! I think the side story is going to be about Ren opening the present that Kyoko got for him for his birthday! I really hope thy you ever does the translation for Skip Beat will do the translation for the side story and uploaded soon because I’m really curious on what is going to be about, especially if the side story is going to be about the gift that Kyoko got for Ren! Continue reading Skip Beat 211: Technicolor Paradise ~ Melt Heart

Skip Beat 210: Technicolor Paradise

My review on Skip Beat 210!


Is it just me or is anyone else getting bugged by how long this damn arc is taking?! I bet in manga time this whole scene hasn’t even lasted an hour, yet it’s taking months to finish up! Rawr! Geez. But, on a lighter, brighter note, I do like seeing Kyoko growing up a lot and realizing her mistakes in the past. She’s realizing why she loved Sho so much, and now, I know for sure that she’s going to end up with Ren/Corn. There’s no way she can go back to Sho knowing why she did what she did already. He was just a stepping stone to get her where she is now. If she never moved with Sho, she wouldn’t be in shobiz, so everything really did work out in her favor. 🙂


Continue reading Skip Beat 210: Technicolor Paradise

Shou vs Ren: Who’s Going To End Up With Kyoko?

What I think about the love rivals — Sho and Ren — in Skip Beat.

I’ve read a few good blog posts that presented the whole who-should-Kyoko-end-up-with argument, and even read some where some bloggers thought Kyoko should be with Sho. I thought they were good arguments, like this blog here, but I am cheering for Ren and Kyoko! YEAH I SAID IT! It’s okay; many people are cheering for them too. I’m not alone in this! Now here’s why I think Ren and Kyoko are good together…

Okay, I don’t know how many of you out there believe in soulmates, true love, meant-to-be, etc., but -I- am one of those people. Yeah, call me a sucker, you cynical and non-believing fiends (disclaimer: no harm meant in this phrase, all jokes)! But, to me, how all the events in Skip Beat are set up, it really does seem like Ren and Kyoko are meant to be. Let me lay it out for you: Continue reading Shou vs Ren: Who’s Going To End Up With Kyoko?

Skip Beat Chapter 208: Hot Spell

My review on Skip Beat Manga Chapter 208!


Well… this chapter wasn’t as lame as I thought it’d be. I read a small part of a spoiler a couple weeks ago for Skip Beat Chapter 208, so I think that’s what made me think that the chapter would be cheesy and lame with Ren/Corn’s excuse for not smiling. But, after reading about his excuse that there’s a curse placed on him to cause him to be sad and the people around him to be unhappy, it’s not as lame as I thought it’d be. Corn’s sort of telling the truth to Kyoko, but not all the way. However, I think he’s just using it as an excuse to not be happy… Though, we don’t know what happened in his past and if he’s really a murderer. I think Ren/Corn isn’t a murderer at all, but the person killed was involved with some situation of his, so some stupid woman called him a murderer.  Continue reading Skip Beat Chapter 208: Hot Spell

Skip Beat Chaper 207: Technicolor Paradise ~Hot Limit~

My Skip Beat Chapter 207 Review!

Last chapter of Skip Beat (206), Kyoko questions Corn and asks him why he’s so much like Tsuruga Ren. Now, chapter 207 will reveal if Ren will tell Kyoko the truth… but, of course, he doesn’t! He has ran away from his past self for so long that revealing it now is like breaking his resolve to become Tsuruga Ren. However, I do think that the plot is advancing more and coming closer to the core of the plot line. I think the story line is much more than Kyoko getting revenge on Sho Fuwa. Anyway, back to the chapter!

Skip-Beat-207-Cover Continue reading Skip Beat Chaper 207: Technicolor Paradise ~Hot Limit~