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Densha Otoko Manga Review

100-Day Challenge – Post #48

Densha Otoko Manga Review

I came across the manga, Densha Otoko, randomly one day, and I got hooked instantly. Also, Densha Otoko is a novel, TV series, and movie. It’s a popular story, everyone. 

Densha Otoko is based on true events, and it’s a love story between an otaku and a beauty. Yes, sounds like a shoujo manga, right? But it’s a true story, and it’s way too cute! It’s simple, in a way, but the story is very touching. Basically, the main dude, an otaku, is on a train, and some old man is causing trouble. Densha Otoko, which is the guy’s nickname, stops the old man from causing trouble, and the women on the train call him a hero and all that lol

One of the women, nicknames Hermes, is the main girl. She’s a beauty, and she sends Densha an expensive thank you gift, which becomes the start of their… connection? Something like that. Over time, these two go on dates, get to know each other, and fall in love. Densha, since he’s never had a girlfriend before, has a lot of insecurity issues. He feel inadequate and everything, but he consults his online forum buddies over the course of his and Hermes’ relationship, and they help him build confidence and make decisions. I mean… this is a story that really shows how people can encourage one another and want each other to be happy, even strangers. It’s quite amazing. Continue reading Densha Otoko Manga Review