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Category: What’s Next? One Piece Manga Predictions

One Piece 767 Prediction

100-Day Challenge – Post #54

One Piece 767 Prediction

I didn’t get to write any posts the past two days since I was super busy, so I’ll be making it up today!

So, I recently joined Oro Jackson, a fantastic One Piece forum, and, every week, the forum has a prediction contest. But, unfortunately, I missed it, and it’s now closed. I wanted to write my prediction for One Piece 767 on the blog. I think I might do this every week, but we’ll see! Let’s get on with my prediction: Continue reading One Piece 767 Prediction

Will Straw Hat Crew Members Die?

100-Day Challenge – Post #43

The question of the day is: Will the Straw Hat crew members die in the end?

Death is rare in One Piece… at least, with major characters. Since the OP world is crazy and wild with tons of wars and death happening all the time i.e. Celestial Dragons, we haven’t seen a lot of deaths with major characters. So far, we have Ace and Whitebeard dead. Those are the only ones I can think of on the tip of my tongue. Even though One Piece is a shounen manga, can Oda really get away with not killing more characters? Hmm.

Continue reading Will Straw Hat Crew Members Die?