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One Piece SBS 82: Worst Generation Hobbies

One Piece SBS 82: The Hobbies of the Worst Generation Pirates

I’m a moderator at Oro Jackson, the best One Piece Community around, and I wanted to share an SBS that my buddies Micchan and Divvens helped provide to the community. You can find the entire translated SBS here: 

I’m going to be selective here and talk about the page that reveals the hobbies of the Worst Generation, and the ones I want to note here are Law’s, Drake’s, Urouge’s, and Blackbeard’s. I mean… wow. I wasn’t expecting some of these! 

Trafalgar D. Water Law’s Hobbies

Oda says that Law’s hobbies are vagrancy and collecting commemorative coins. These… are strange hobbies for Law, frankly. I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, WTF VAGRANCY?! Where does that even come from?! How do you make homelessness a hobby? How? What thrills does he get from it? I hope we see this in the manga some time cos I think it’s hilarious as hell.

X-Drake’s Hobbies

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