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Category: 2013-2014 One Piece Manga Chapter Reviews

One Piece 772: Cabbage and Romeo

One Piece 772 Review!

** Due to a copyright thing, I can’t have images on this particular post. Boo.

Ah! I was so surprised to get a One Piece chapter last week. It was such an awesome chapter. ^_^ Thank you Oda and WSJ for squeezing out another chapter of One Piece before the year ends!


So, on the cover page… we discover who’s been stealing all the offerings! Wadatsumi! I wasn’t expecting to see him again, but now I’m wondering what Oda has planned for him. This makes me curious, and this is such a typical Oda move. I wasn’t expecting to see Wadatsumi again, but here he is! lol

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Guest Post: One Piece 771 Review by Recoilation from Oro Jackson!

One Piece 771 Review by Recoilation from Oro Jackson! 😀

Hello again, everyone! In my previous post, I mentioned that I had a surprise for you, and that’s a guest post from an awesome person from Oro Jackson, a fantastic One Piece community that I’m a part of. You guys gotta check it out! 😀

Recoilation and I (my username on Oro Jackson is Nekomori) talked about him adding his own posts or comments to my blog, and we decided his first appearance would be a blog post. 🙂 This is a review of One Piece 771 as well as an awesomely opinionated piece by Recoilation, and these are all his thoughts on the chapter; nothing has been altered by me. Please enjoy and welcome him on the blog! 🙂

(His post’s starting now.)

Alright, it’s that time of the week where we discuss the latest One Piece Chapter! First though let me preface a little bit about myself. I’ve been watching and reading anime/manga for the past 2 and a bit years. I consider myself a pretty open person, I am open to opinions and change my opinion and perception of things quiteeeee often.

Anyway, the past lot of months I’ve experienced many different mindset changes in regards to Japanese content and as I try to find my “true thoughts” (I first and foremost watch/read for enjoyment, so I’m not always all about dat story and exactly “why” i like something yet haha) I’ve come across many frustrations in regards to One Piece and reading the weekly comments. In an attempt to try and explain how I might see a chapter since I’m not fond of expressing my own opinion directly in arguments, i’ll be giving a lil review of the last chapter (and maybe reference the last couple).

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One Piece 771: Sai, Leader of the Happou Navy

One Piece 771 Review!

Lol I’ve been slacking on my blog… but, hopefully, I’ll be able to be more active next week since I have holiday break! Things have been crazy these past few weeks, and I’m starting to feel the strain. Buttt I want to do my review for this week’s One Piece chapter, so I’m pushing through it and getting this done! I also have a surprise for you all, too 😀 A special guest will be featured on this blog ^_^ But we’ll get to that later.

This week, we got a popularity poll! Woohoo! Luffy, of course, is #1, and Law is 2nd! I was surprised by a lot of the results, but I’m happy with the first few places. 😛

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One Piece 770: The Lance of Elbalf

One Piece 770 Review!

Eh… Been a while since I posted. I’m not doing the 100-day challenge anymore as I’m way, way behind. I’ve also been caught up in other goals in my life, so this has taken a seat on the back burner. I’m not sure what to do yet, but I’m still going to continue my reviews! 🙂

We have chapter 770 this week, finally! Last week’s break was grueling lol But I made it through, just like any other break week. Let’s get reviewing!

On the cover page: Jimbei finally got down to the seafloor and seems like he’s face-to-face with someone, the person or being who’s been stealing all the offerings. It looks like a person based on the silhouette, but I’m excited to see who it is!!!

Going on to the chapter: Bellamy using CoA on Luffy… Oh, yes. People are surprised by this, and there’s a lot of mixed opinions. I personally like that Bellamy has CoA and is using it in his fight against Luffy. I think it’s fitting since it’s his “last fight.” And Bellamy is going all out, and he’s using his Spring DF ability to give him a lot more power boost, so I think with that and his Haki, he can hit Luffy and make him cough up blood.

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One Piece 769: Bellamy the Pirate

100-Day/Post Challenge – Post #65

One Piece 769 Review!


Okay, okay. I’m going to get straight to it: DOFFY USED ITONOKO TO CHOP OFF LAW’S RIGHT ARM.

One-Piece-769-Laws-Arm-Gets-Cut-OffI saw the spoilers yesterday, and I really didn’t want to believe… but I had to since the pictures of the manga chapter came out last night, too, and the scan came out this morning. Oh goodness. This was SO unexpected, and I give props to Oda for surprising the hell out of us. As a Law fangirl, though, I really hope there’s a way for Law to reattach his arm or something. But my GOD, Doffy… you are a beast!!! A savage!!! And he’s a freaking amazing villain, okay. He just… cuts off Law’s arm… it’s insane.

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One Piece 768: The Trigger Back Then

100-Day Challenge – Post #60

One Piece 768 Review!

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking on my 100-day challenge, and I’ve been so overwhelmed with work and personal goals of mine that I haven’t had time to update my blog. But I’m going to make it up soon since I want to complete this goal!

All right, let’s get on with One Piece 768! So, the flashbacks have ended. I’m curious about what Law had to go through after escaping Doffy on Minion Island, but I’m also glad we’re back in the present. I think Oda revealed Law’s past with Cora-san because he wanted us readers to know why Law was fighting against one of the strongest and influential people in the world.

One-Piece-768-Law-Carries-Cora-sans-Wish Continue reading One Piece 768: The Trigger Back Then

One Piece 767: Cora-san

100-Day Challenge – Post #57

One Piece 767 Review!

:'( :'( :'( CORA-SAAAAAANNNN!!!! :'( :'( :'(

My goodness. This freaking chapter! Oda! You did it again! We get a lot of questions answered in this chapter, and I love how Oda answers them all in straight-to-the-point manner. He uses so little to say so much. For instance, we find out about his past and saw him when he killed his dad. Roci was begging him to stop, and Trebol and Vergo were there! Vergo knew Doffy well it seemed. It looked like Trebol was the boss of something.. maybe a junkyard, similar to the Gray Terminal? I wonder how Trebol started working for Doffy, though. That’s quiteee a turnaround! I think Trebol is really old, too haha But omfg! DID YOU GUYS SEE VERGO?!?! He was adorable as a kid!!!

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One Piece 766: Smile

100-Day Challenge – Post #52

One Piece 766 Review!

** Due to a copyright thing, I can’t have images on this particular post. Boo.

Oh my goodness… We have the ending of Naruto today, which got me emotional. Then, we have One Piece 766, which got me emotional… Too many feels today. I don’t even want to work later! But I have to. However, One Piece comes first! I totally have my priorities straightened out, huh… Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

The title of this chapter got me thinking. I thought that something related to the man-made Devil Fruits that Doffy has been selling was going to come up, but it wasn’t. We’ll get to the ending of this chapter later and why the title is significant. I also had this thought that the title might be linked to Doffy and how he smiles all the time as a facade. But wow… this chapter got me so emotional, too. I really hate seeing Cora-san getting hurt. Speaking of the title, did you guys see the Naruto reference that Oda made? I love it. I love these mangakas! Oh yeah! Btw, I want Nami’s Konoha dress.

So, the chapter starts off with the marines. Tsuru, who we saw in the War of the Best, is waiting to ambush Doffy and his crew on Swallow Island. But she realizes something’s wrong, and Doffy’s crew isn’t coming, so she wonders where Sengoku got the information. The marines find out that Barrels’ lair has caught on fire, so… they disband the marines on the island, it seems, and, well… that ends up pretty badly for Law and Cora-san. Let’s get to that later. Corazon finally gets to Law with the Ope-Ope No Mi! He beat up all the people who were pointing guns at him, it seems, and he got away. Continue reading One Piece 766: Smile

One Piece 765: Island of Fate, Minion

100-Day Challenge – Post #35

One Piece 765 Review!

Corazon is the super kind, super idiot type, huh? LOL And isn’t he considered a mime at this point?! He’s totally a mime.

There were so many surprises in this chapter. Many people thought that Vergo would rat out Corazon, but that wasn’t the case at all. In this chapter, we find out that Doflamingo is just suspicious of his brother, and so are the other executives. They don’t have confirmation of Corazon’s real betrayal, which is him being a marine and spying on Doffy and his crew. Also, a lot of people thought that Doffy would already have the Ope-Ope No Mi, but he doesn’t. He’s actually going to take it during a trade between pirates and marines! Another twist! Oda, you went and did it again. You’re surprising us a lot! It’s not like how people thought of Corazon’s death at all or Law’s healing process. But more on that later. So, in the previous chapter (764), the ending part where Doffy calls Corazon, Doffy has a vein popping out of his forehead. That usually indicates he’s super pissed.

So, Corazon finds out about information of the Ope-Ope No Mi from Doffy, and Doffy pulls a fast one on us – he wants Corazon to eat the fruit! And we already know from a few chapters ago that the Ope-Ope Fruit can grant eternal life. Doffy is willing to sacrifice his brother to get that, too, and that’s disgusting. Though it is Doffy-like. Plus, he’s suspicious of his brother, so on top of that, he wants to get rid of Corazon if he is a traitor by giving him the Ope-Ope Fruit, eh? Oh yeah, Doffy, you’re awesome. ._.


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One Piece 764: White Monster

100-Day Challenge – Post #27

One Piece 764 Review!

Who loves Corazon? I love Corazon!

Wow. This chapter was freaking amazing. So. Good. Corazon is a true, genuinely kind person, and it makes me so sad that we already know that he’s going to die later. This chapter totally makes it easy to see how Corazon is going to die. Or at least we can predict the course of his death. I have a few predictions myself, but I’ll get to those later.

One-Piece-764-Corazon-NagiNagi-no-miSo, right away, we find out that Corazon has eaten the NagiNagi no Mi, which makes everything soundproof. It’s quite interesting, since he acts like a mute anyway, this devil fruit power is very useful. (I’m sure that’s how he could speak to the government in private…) Corazon trusts Law completely, and he reveals a lot about himself to Law. I guess he saw some of himself in Law, so he wanted to trust the boy. But Law wants to be seen as evil, a monster, so he threatens to tell Doflamingo. He doesn’t, though, because Corazon covered for him before. They’re even now. And I think that shows Law’s true character right there. I’m kind of surprised that Corazon didn’t freak out as much, but I guess if he did freak out a lot, he would be suspicious. I’m glad he didn’t blow his cover when Doflamingo called out to him. Continue reading One Piece 764: White Monster