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Category: What’s Next? Naruto Predictions

Naruto Prediction Rambles

After being all WEEE about the new chapter, my mind has been playing Naruto over and over in the back of my mind and I’m writing this post to get it out of my mind. I’m a huge fan of Naruto, but it gets a bit tiring and irksome when it’s in the back of my mind constantly.

So, after reading the new chapter today, these are my random thoughts and predictions:

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Naruto Predictions Part One — Hidan (may contain spoilers)

As I’m bouncing from Naruto episodes today to revisit fights and favorite scenes, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on the future predictions I have at the moment for Naruto.

Today, I’ve been watching the fight between Asuma’s platoon and the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kazuku. After Asuma dies, Team Ten heads out to rid of these two Akatsuki members to not let their sensei’s information and sacrifice mean nothing. Anyway, I remember reading one of Masashi Kisimoto’s interview and how he said that characters we didn’t think we’d see again will be seen again in the future chapters of Naruto. Continue reading Naruto Predictions Part One — Hidan (may contain spoilers)