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Most Emotional Parts In Naruto Part Two

Most Emotional Moments in Naruto Part Two

All right, I’m back again with the most emotional moments in Naruto! Here’s Part One if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m still going on my nostalgia trip with Naruto, so you’ll most likely see more Naruto blog posts in the near future xD Let’s get started.

16. Young Obito Uchiha’s Death

Despite Obito’s drastic change and him being one of the main causes of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, his young version was much more likeable. Obito was just like Naruto when he was a kid, dreaming of becoming Hokage. But, because he considered himself the black sheep of the elite Uchiha Clan, he worked hard to get noticed by the girl he liked and to beat Kakashi, his opposite and his rival. Before his death, though, Obito awakened his Sharingan and decided to become the person he wanted to be. Then, Obito sacrificed himself to save his friends, and he died an incredibly noble death. I cried. No shame. Seriously. Young Obito Uchiha is one of my favorite characters. Tobi is, too… xD I’m happy Obito was able to become a hero again before he died again. He did a lot of terrible things, but his life shows you can take many paths or take the wrong one but get back on the right one. I think everyone has experienced that, so I’m not going to hate him like most people do.

17. Obito Uchiha’s Hell

When Obito gets wind that Kakashi and Rin are being chased down by shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village, Obito goes out to save them, determined to protect his friends. But, unfortunately, Rin committed suicide on Kakashi’s Raikiri and Obito witnessed it, which activated his Mangekyo Sharingan. He created a sea of blood by killing all the Hidden Mist shinobi, and his rage was one of the most emotional moments for me. Obito completely lost it and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan with Kakashi. That entire scene was pure… emotion. It was powerful. Then, when Obito went to Rin’s dead body, holding her close to him, I lost it. It’s so sad to see a pure-hearted soul like Obito go astray and lose someone he loved. I hate death, and this was the turning point of Obito’s life down to hell. Continue reading Most Emotional Parts In Naruto Part Two

Was Obito Uchiha’s Character Necessary in Naruto?

Obito Uchiha’s Character Analysis

Can you believe that it’s been a year since the Naruto manga ended? Wow, that went by so fast! It certainly hasn’t felt like a year, but that’s probably because I’ve been thinking about Naruto off and on and re-watching Naruto Shippuden from time to time.

Obito Uchiha as a kid.

Main Points Discussed in This Blog Post:

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1. Why Obito Uchiha’s Existence Was Significant in the Series 

2. Why I Believe He Wasn’t Necessary to the Series

3. The Possible Reasons for Kishimoto “Reviving” Obito

4. What Could Be an Alternative?

I was recently talking to some of folks about the Naruto series as well as the characters, such as Obito Uchiha, and I wanted to write about Obito. I wondered if his character was truly necessary to the series because he did appear… out of nowhere. We all thought he died in a war, but he’s been alive and kicking and hanging out with Madara xD

Why Obito Uchiha’s Existence Was Significant in the Series

Kakashi and Obito as kids.
Kakashi and Obito as kids.

I liked Obito Uchiha a lot as a character, but only when he was a kid. His death in the war was honorable and admirable, and his idiocy attracted me, too. because he was funny. (Even when he was Tobi, I enjoyed it bwahaha) His death was significant because he helped Kakashi grow and mature, realizing what was truly important as a shinobi. Kakashi is the man he is today because of Obito, and I love that about Obito’s character. I think it would have meant so much more if Obito had not come back to the series.

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Kakashi’s Face Revealed…!

I am so late to the party. I think, several weeks ago, Kakashi’s face was revealed in some Naruto one shot or something. WE’VE WAITED YEARS FOR THIS MOMENT, PEOPLE. I think Kakashi’s face was one of the biggest mysteries in the Naruto series, and I’m sure a ton of people were like, “What does Kakashi look like?!” when chapter 700 came out haha

I think a lot of people already know Kakashi’s face by now, but I want to feature it here on my blog. I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting the freckle, but he still looks good fufu


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Naruto BFFS #3: Itachi and Shisui

They make a good friend pair. :)

After just watching the new Naruto Shippuden episode (Naruto Shippuden episode 358 here), I was really touched by Itachi and Shisui’s friendship. I was also moved by how emotional and gentle both of them were. I’m sad that they’re gone.. well, I’m not completely sure if Shisui is gone; it just shows him falling in the river in the anime, and it didn’t show if he died in the manga either. Anyway, that’s another story.

Itachi trying to catch a falling Shisui
Itachi trying to catch a falling Shisui

So, even though it was a filler in a way, I think it’s very accurate to what Kisimoto has in mind for the whole back story with Itachi, Shisui, Kakashi, and Yamato. It was nice to see how caring both Itachi and Shisui are, and I can’t even imagine what it’d be like if shinobi were real in this world. It just seems so painful, especially for Itachi. My goodness. It was an emotional episode. Itachi and Shisui are good best friends. Continue reading Naruto BFFS #3: Itachi and Shisui

Six Funny Moments of Madara and Hashirama

Okay, so, over the weekend, I’ve been totally absorbed in Naruto, and I read through a lot of past chapters of Naruto. Of course, one of my favorite chapters are the ones of Madara and Hashirama’s childhood. Seriously, despite how Madara turned evil and Hashirama became Hokage and they both became adult men, they were so hilarious when they were kids. I’d even dare say they were a little cute. 🙂 So, this is just a random post I wanted to make to share all the funny moments between these two nutcases. I also made one last year in this short post, featuring a funny picture of Madara and Hashirama.

Funny Madara & Hashirama Moment #1 – Stone Skipping:

Madara fails at stone skipping again...
Madara fails at stone skipping again…
Madara blames Hashirama for messing up his stone skipping LOL
Madara blames Hashirama for messing up his stone skipping LOL

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Jiraiya and Naruto’s Funny Moments Pt. 1: Jiraiya’s Smokin’ Something…

Jiraiya and Naruto have got to be the funniest duo next to Kakashi and Gai. I love watching their funny moments, which I did several times just now. It’s like a good song (or really bad pop song) that sticks in your head all day long. Instead, for me, it’s anime scenes.

From Naruto episode 53, here’s part one of Jiraiya and Naruto’s funny moments.


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