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Category: 2014 Naruto Manga Chapter Reviews

Naruto 700: Naruto Uzumaki!!

100-Day Challenge – Post #51

Naruto 700 Review! The Ending of Naruto, Everyone!

** Due to a copyright thing, I can’t have images on this particular post. Boo.

Wow… it’s the last chapter, you guys. We’re finally here. You know… I followed Naruto about a year ago. I didn’t have much interest in it until last year, and I’ve been following this manga since then. I’m getting emotional… Okay. I’m good. Let’s do this last Naruto chapter review.

The chapter starts out with Shino teaching a lot of kids in the classroom. We see obvious resemblances to the parents… It’s quite amusing to see the kids! I’m not sure of the timeskip, though. How many years has it been? And we get a full colored manga chapter, too! Kishi must’ve worked so hard to get this all done in time. ๐Ÿ™

But we see Naruto’s kid! Bolt! What a strange name lol And he’s just like Naruto when he was a kid.

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Naruto 699: The Seal of Reconciliation

100-Day Challenge – Post #50

Naruto 699 Review!

Wow, I’m halfway through the 100 blog posts challenge! We only have several weeks left of 2014, and I’m ready to complete this goal this year!

I can’t believe we’re already at chapter 699 of Naruto. I mean, wow… And the title of this chapter, too! I was actually really nervous before reading this chapter. I really was like… wow, I don’t want this to end… and I’m so excited to find out what happens next! But of course, to do this review, I had to read the chapter.

Wow… this chapter… Wow. SASUKE!!! SASUKE DID A FREAKING BIG ASS TURNAROUND! And this chapter revealed a lot of what Sasuke thought and felt! My goodness… And also, I think Sasuke and Sakura are going to get together at the end. I mean, really. Look at their little connection going on in this chapter. Anyway, I’ll get to that later.

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Naruto 698: Naruto & Sasuke 5

100-Day Challenge – Post #41

Naruto 698 Review!

Wow… the end of Naruto is so near. Can you feel it?

Naruto-698-Sasuke-Naruto-Lose-Their-ArmsTHIS. IMAGE. PEOPLE. Wow. Totally signifies the almost end of Naruto. I’m getting a little sad. But anyway, I’ll save the tears for the last chapter. So, this chapter was… quite interesting. It wasn’t the approach that I thought Kishi would go toward for the final fight between Naruto and Sasuke. Wow… I really hope next chapter is going to be awesome. Really. Awesome.

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Naruto 696: Naruto & Sasuke 3

100-Day Challenge – Post #28

Naruto 696 Review!

So, the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle continues. Naruto is still trying to talk sense into Sasuke, but Sasuke is not having it lol He’s just pulling jutsu out one after another, and he even talks about immortality! He’s wanting to just carry all the burden ofย  hate on his shoulders and be immortal so that he can control the world forever. It’s kinda freaky how he’s thinking. He’s really thinking this whole plan through, and he’s not letting Naruto get a word in.

Naruto-696-SasukeSasuke is just like Madara – poking at people’s weaknesses. He totally slammed Naruto about his loneliness with the Kage Bushin no Jutsu. It’s quite interesting that he said that, though. Sure, a lot of people are on Naruto’s side, but does he have any real, true friends? Sure, he can connect with people in the village and in the shinobi world, but are all these people backing him up be considered real friends? Hm. I don’t know. I wonder if Naruto still feels loneliness? Sasuke hit a sensitive spot there.
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Naruto 695: Naruto And Sasuke Pt. 2

100-Day Challenge – Post #18

Naruto is ending in five weeks, people. Five. Weeks. It’s ending in November.

Naruto-695-Sasuke-Naruto-ClashNow I see why the Last Naruto Movie is coming out. It was so signifying the end of Naruto, and, honestly, I wasn’t expecting the end to come so soon. I thought we’d go until the end of the year, but maybe Jump wanted to make Naruto end at an even number – 700? Though I’m not sure if there’s another reason for ending on an even number of chapters. But I can’t believe it… Sure, the ending was getting closer, but… in a way, I’m not satisfied. There are way too many questions left! I hope Kishi can wrap up everything in five weeks, guys. Continue reading Naruto 695: Naruto And Sasuke Pt. 2

Naruto 694: Naruto and Sasuke

100-Day Challenge – Post #12

Well, it’s the pre-fight stage between Naruto and Sasuke in this chapter! We learn about Sasuke’s definition of a Hokage, Basically, he thinks the Hokage needs to do everything alone and shoulder everything. There’s no need for ties or bonds or anything – they’re just distractions and burdens. But Naruto says that’s wrong, and even Itachi has said that, too. I think Itachi would’ve been a good Hokage, too, but he made a major mistake: doing everything alone. To Sasuke, Itachi’s greatest mistake was not killing him, too, and keeping that bond open.

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Naruto 693: Once Again…

My review of Naruto 693! 100-Day Challenge – Post #3

Well, not much action was in this chapter, but we get a lot of… depth? And even closure in this chapter. Like how Sasuke finally said he’s not interested in Sakura. But I’ll cover that in my review!

Naruto-693-Sasuke-Intends-To-Kill-NarutoAh, so, the chapter starts out with Sasuke telling Naruto that Sasuke’s going to take care of him. Talking big, as usual. I actually believe Naruto’s words, and they don’t seem like big talk to me. I’m sure that he’ll defeat Sasuke somehow. Sasuke also doesn’t intend to leave the Bijuus he’s captured stay alive. I guess he’s thinking that they’re weapons and people fight with them and over them, so they’re better off dead and gone? Huh. Sasuke has interesting ideas.

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Naruto 692: Revolution

My review of Naruto 692!

All right, all right, all right… Kishi freaking threw a curve ball here! I didn’t expect Sasuke to go toward his goals right after the war. I thought there would be a break before this battle occurred, but if you think about it, it makes complete sense now, right? Sasuke was always the type to go after what he wanted ASAP. This chapter was seriously… wow. I’m glad I never trusted Sasuke 100 percent in the beginning. He’s always up to something, and he’s still a crazy ass. This is insane. I’m curious about what others are thinking, too, but it’s too early for many people, so I won’t get other opinions soon ;-; Well, anyway, onto the chapter review!

So, Kishi finally remembered to add Tobirama! Ah, I’m a fan of his, you see, and I wanted to see him last chapter, so I’m glad Kishi added him here. But it seems like the previous Hokages’ dreams of passing on their dreams to the next generation may not be reached THANKS TO SASUKE. I’m actually really pissed off at him now. I guess we should’ve known that he was up to something when he had a super bored expression on his face when the Hokages were all going back to the Pure Land.


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Naruto 691: Congratulations

My review on Naruto 691!

Happy birthday, Naruto! Aww.. this chapter was special. It would’ve been kinda cool if this chapter released on Naruto’s actual birthday (Oct. 10). Anyway. About this chapter.. I have a lot of mixed feelings. I was angry, annoyed, sad, happy, relieved… I was a whirlwind of emotions. I didn’t know how to accept all the things presented in this chapter, especially Madara’s death. That was… I’m not sure how I feel about it. It’s sad. He can’t do anything anymore, so death is the only thing that’s waiting for him, but still.. I still feel confused about it.

So, everyone’s back, and it’s weird to see the former Five Kages. It’s weird because I never thought that we’d see them again! Only in Hashirama’s flashback. I wonder if Kishi has plans to bring them back again? Quite frankly, I’m tired of Edo Tensei and all this bringing people back to life and to the world of the living thing. I hope they don’t come back anymore. Gahahaha, I really liked the whole scene between Kurama and Naruto! They’re such adorable friends, and I really want a Kurama plushie… he’s too cute. I’m going to name a cat Kurama, too ๐Ÿ˜€

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