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Love So Life 84 Review

100-Day Challenge – Post #59

Love So Life 84 Review!

Finally, a chapter of Love So Life that I can review! It’s been a while, folks. But I just had to write a blog post about this chapter! Also, I know I’m way behind on my 100-Day Challenge, so I’m making it up today. 😛

I absolutely love the twins! They’re way too cute! Like here:

Love-So-Life-TwinsSo, Shiharu checks her phone to see if Matsunaga called, but she’s all shy and bashful about it. Then, suddenly, Matsunaga calls! Woohoo! And these two have a cute conversation. Their relationship is advancing, and Matsunaga was blunt in saying that it was nice to hear Shiharu’s voice. I mean, “SO” nice. 🙂

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Love So Life Chapters 71, 72, 73, 74, 75

My reviews on Love So Life 71, 72, 73, 74, 75!

Ah, I’m a bit behind on Love So Life manga reviews, so I’m going to add the five new chapters that came out recently to this post. 

Love So Life 71

So, the twins, Shiharu and Matsunaga went to celebrate New Year’s with the twins’ grandparents! This was a simple chapter, but I think it set up the stage for the twins moving in with them. I think this chapter also showed Matsunaga’s feelings of resentment and anger toward his brother since he didn’t show the twins their father’s photo, so they don’t even recognize him. I mean, I’m sure Matsunaga meant well, but seriously… I think the grandpa was right on this. The kids should know at least what their father looked like. It is their choice, and Matsunaga taking away that privilege isn’t right. But he does care for the twins, and he sees that their father’s actions and the twins moving around a lot will cause the twins much more harm than good. I sorta agree there, but the twins seem happy enough! Matsunaga must be suffering a lot, but Shiharu is there to save his day. I also think that it was nice of the grandparents to allow Shiharu to come by to see the twins from time to time and that they got the twins bicycles. Cute chapter, loved the twins in it. 🙂


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Love So Life 70 Review

My review on Love So Life 70!

So, for this week’s chapter of Love So Life, it was different! It featured Rio and Takeru, and it showed a little bit about their relationship. At first, I was worried that we wouldn’t get the see the twins in this chapter, but I’m okay now since we DO get to see them! They’re adorable as ever. I loved Shiharu’s outfit too in this chapter. 

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Love So Life Chapter 69

Review of Love So Life Chapter 69!


Aw, this was an adorable chapter! Slowly but surely, things are changing between Shiharu and Matsunaga. Of course, the twins are too cute as well! This manga wouldn’t be half as cute without them 🙂 So, I think the purpose of this chapter was to show the difference between this Christmas and last year’s Christmas. It shows that Shiharu and Matsunaga are getting closer in a more… romantic way? I just hope it doesn’t take 583085325 Christmases to get them to confess to each other haha But this was such a sweet chapter. I really loved it, and I’m relieved that Matsunaga didn’t go out with any other girl on Christmas Eve/Christmas. That seems like a hint that he didn’t go back together with his ex-girlfriend! What what! Plus, throughout this whole chapter, we see him blushing a little and smiling at Shiharu’s cute face a lot. Ohhh yeah 🙂 Things are looking good for these two.  Continue reading Love So Life Chapter 69

Love So Life Manga Chapter 68

My review on Love So Life Chapter 68.

All right! I was right about one of my predictions for this chapter! Shiharu got the balls to respond to Nao right away instead of making things weird between them.

Nao getting impatient about Shiharu rejecting him.
Nao getting impatient about Shiharu rejecting him.

Poor Nao, though… I really felt for him, and my chest squeezed when Shiharu was rejecting him and he wanted to run away. I mean, he liked her for years, so I guess it’s really heart-breaking for him to go through that; it’s understandable. Also, though, it made me sad how Shiharu was reminded of fond memories she had with Nao and cried over it; I also think she cried out of happiness for having spent those times with Nao as a family. Continue reading Love So Life Manga Chapter 68

Love So Life Manga Chapter 67

My review of Love So Life Chapter 67.


Not much advancement in this chapter, in my opinion. It just felt like Shiharu is aware of Nao now (lol nao now… get it?!) and she can relate to him more since she’s in love with Matsunaga. But now it’s probably going to get a super awkward between them… Too bad, but I guess Nao wants to be honest with his feelings. I felt sad for him when he said he took away Shiharu’s smile and thought he didn’t deserve to like her anymore. Yet… he still likes her! You can’t just throw away feelings like that. Poor Nao… such a tsundere, eh? I wonder what will happen now between them. I mean… I don’t think they can keep the awkwardness up. If I were to predict, I would say that Shiharu would confront Nao first and tell him she understands how he feels since she loves someone too.  Continue reading Love So Life Manga Chapter 67

Love So Life Chapter 66

Love So Life’s chapter 66 review by moi!

This chapter really digs deeper into Nao’s past with Shiharu in the orphanage. I think he liked/loved/cared for her for a very long time, and I love that we get to see a softer, gentler side of the otherwise violent, emotionally suppressed Nao. We also get to see some of Shiharu’s suffering as a child when she lost her mother, despite her cheerfulness, kindness and adorableness.

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