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Cora-san’s Complex Character

100-Day Challenge – Post #63

Man, I’ve been sucking at keeping up with blog posts lately, and I’m not even sure if I’ll meet my goal by the end of the year. But we’ll see what happens!

So, I wanted to share a post with you guys I saw on a One Piece forum, and it’s an analysis of Cora-san’s character. Here’s what it says:

The Complexity of Corazon’s CharacterCan I just… Sorry guys, let me gush here. Because oh my god, Corazon’s really fucking complex.

A lot of people just seem to think of him as only goofy and clumsy, but he’s so much more than that.

1. He’s manipulative. Except for when he’s with Law, he’s outright lied, constructed personas for himself, twisted situations to fit his agenda, misled people, and blurred the truth. (Although he does channel this flaw to noble purposes)

2. He’s violent. While Doflamingo is hedonistic in his love of violence, Corazon… isn’t. Unlike his brother, he decides to repress his urge to just… lash out at others due to trauma from his past. He understands that it isn’t the world’s fault, and, as a result, he just kind of lets that anger simmer within him while he goes out and helps others because he’s just a really good person. But when people actually anger him or actively goad him into violence, then he’s actually very violent. Like… he actually blew up hospitals after the medical staff called Law a monster. That’s hardcore.

3. He’s grumpy and irritable. Like… he’s goofy most of the time (with Law, because he doesn’t allow anyone else see the real him), but whenever Law starts acting bratty, Corazon is always quick to get irritated and cranky in response.

4. Despite it all, he loves his brother. That’s why he couldn’t shoot Doflamingo, and also why he couldn’t have just slit Doflamingo’s throat in his sleep when he had many, many opportunities to do so.

5. He’s altruistic. OH DEAR GOD, HE’S ALTRUISTIC. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he’s one of the most selfless characters in the series. Everything he’s done has been for the sake of another person. He’s never once thought about himself-only of others. He’s just… He’s just such a good person.

6. He’s goofy. I don’t even need to mention any examples.

7. He’s quite possibly one of the best and smartest strategists in this entire series. In fact, he’s probably even a better strategist than Doflamingo! After all, he managed to trick Doflamingo both before and after Doflamingo learned of his betrayal. If it weren’t for Vergo, he would’ve managed to mold the situation at Swallows in such a way that he would effectively eliminate the Donquixote Pirates, distract the Marines, and get the Op Op Fruit in one fell swoop. And, despite being beaten into a near-coma, he was able to come up with a genius plan to help Law escape on the spot, and he was able to trick Doflamingo into believing that Law already escaped the island! I’m sorry, but he’s actually extremely intelligent.

8. He has a whole lot of self-esteem issues. I mean… he desperately wished that Law wouldn’t forget about him and he honestly thought that Law could hate him. He apparently believes that he’s so unimportant that Law would forget about him in an instant. He just… he just has lots of issues with himself.

Just… I love this. Corazon is literally an angelic character, one of the kindest and most blatantly morally good characters in the series, but he also has his legitimate flaws.

 I’m sorry, but I’m just reeling over how Oda managed to make such a perfect, complex, well-developed character in six chapters…

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Favorite Character: Rosinante Donquixote

100-Day Challenge – Post #38

If you’ve been reading One Piece, you know about Rosinante Donquixote — better known as the Second Corazon or Cora-san. All around the OP fandom, everyone is loving this guy. I mean, who wouldn’t? Corazon is doing so much for Law, even going against the marines and government. This guy, despite his terrible past, is one of the kindest people ever in OP history.

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